Tuesday 29 January 2013

Colourful Lesson

We did colours!

I folded paper square boxes of various colours - blue, red, green, yellow and orange. My teaching objects were the Lego, duplo. I asked Jare to sort them into their respective colours. He was quick and scored perfect. Then I asked him what the different colours were, it wasn't too bad that he got blue and orange right. Still working on the rest of the colours. During Jazz days, we used chocolates for the motivational element, but this time, I shall be kind to their teeth.

Sorting colours

I did colours with Jazz, introducing her the Chinese characters - 红, 蓝, 绿, 黄, 橙. And I got her to place the respective lego and boxes on the correct word. Not too bad, but more revision needs to be done.

Jazz's Chinese lesson with colours

Colourful way to learn colours!

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