Wednesday 16 January 2013

Improvised Storage

It's moment of improvisation again.

Problems are: 
1. The kids clothes are spilling out of what their closet handle can hold, I'm reluctant to buy shelves since our stay is short. 

2. The kids need a better storage for their crayons and Jazz's hair accessories.

From the tonnes of boxes we received from purchasing stuff online, we made clothes shelves out of them. And from the milk carton Jazz clears at a speedy rate, we cut them up for storing the little things. A little work with great savings. Awesome deal!

All we needed were some cut up milk carton, tempera paint and brushes! Additional laborers would help.

Materials used

Laborers at work!

Ta da! Crayons holder

Accessories holder

I made extras to hold my accessories too!

The rather flimsy shelves

To smooth the surfaces, you may brush on those shiny waterproof coat, but we settled with simplicity. It's great sense of satisfaction to complete this project storage. Great bonding and great savings!

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