Tuesday 15 January 2013

The man's birthday!

Made the first birthday cake of my life, for my beloved man. I attempted twice because the first was a failure, I left to cool overnight in an overheated place. The cake turned out hard rock the next day. Second attempt was successful with pulled in resources from my kind neighbours, when mine were wiped out for the first try. Thank you neigbours and surprise party gang.

With a bunch of passionate bakers, the housewives in this village, it certainly is a motivation to self bake a birthday cake. Never mind about the appearance, I'm no professional, as long as there's something to present on the table when we sing the birthday song. I thought the cake tasted not too bad and my great fan of it was actually Jazz. The fussy eater loves it, she had it for breakfast and supper!

I baked a red velvet cake, recipe adopted from Martha Stewart. My only tweak was halving the sugar and coloring. A tad more healthy.

The many candles because the kids love blowing them

Candle blowing fun
And I actually baked a birthday cake! It isn't as challenging as I thought. It could be if I had wanted an elaborated cake. And next month, it will be Jare's birthday. Putting skills to test again. Jazz made this card for her Daddy, all by herself. I merely provided the materials and spelling. Proud of her writing achievement.

Floating letters

Yes, we love you!

Homeschooling mum is proud when it comes to seeing efforts being paid off.

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