Tuesday 23 October 2012

Caterpillar Craft

Did caterpillar craft with the kids last week. I've been keeping 'junks.' Whatever I think is suitable for art and craft, I'll keep it. Whether it's a cereal box, milk box, tins or containers, I'll recycle them for craft with the kids. My man shakes his head on these. Each time he sees an empty box or container, he'll trash it. So much so that I've to keep them out of his sight at times. 

And from my collected 'trash' box, I took out the carton egg holders to make 2 caterpillars. Extremely simple craft for the kids.

  • Pipe cleaners
  • 2 row of carton egg holders
  • Colours for painting
  • Marker to draw features OR googly eyes if you have

1. Paint the carton egg holder.

All ready with 4 colours

Let creativity run
As much as possible, when it comes to art and craft, I'll try not to intervene. Leaving their pieces as authentic as they are. I like them to paint however they want, which ever ways and colours they have in mind. A caterpillar doesn't have to be green in a child's creative world. Although, I had green as one of the colour, I wanted to see if Jazz would rigidly paint her caterpillar green. 
Jazz painted different segments with different colours and Jare painted only the top
Love their 'serious at work' expressions

2. Leave the paint to dry. Then tie the pipe cleaners to the 'caterpillar' as their legs and draw on the eyes, nose and mouth.

The left belongs to Jazz and right is Jare's. Jazz drew the features for both.
Completed! Indeed very colourful caterpillars! I left to on the TV table as an embellishment. And within the next few days, these caterpillars disintegrated into small pieces because the kids tore it up! It seemed more fun to be tearing them than just admiring their accomplishments. Can't believe they destroyed their own creations. 

It was great fun working on the craft though.  


  1. u should do hungry caterpillar colour..would look fab...in realise in sg we need buy a carton to get those we can colour on....those 10 eggs comes plastic form so i cant colour them

    but its good they destroy a non toy right n its free to begin with!

  2. I have many more egg cartons, shall try the hungry caterpillar another time. But I left that book in SG.

  3. Looks they are very serious of what they are doing, indeed they are doing the great job....Congrats little kiddos, your colourful caterpilar is absolutely perfect:)


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