Wednesday 3 October 2012


Brought the kids for a KinderJam session at the community centre within our neighbourhood, it's one of the rare classes where I can bring both Jazz and Jare to attend because it's open to children from ages 1 to 5. There are however some other nice programmes that allow younger siblings to come along. It's usually more convenient if I can bring both along.

It's an  extremely short drive from our place, around 3 mins. I took the car while the man hitch a ride from our neighbour to school. The centre is within our neighbourhood, so it's easy to find the courage to drive. After that short drive, I think we can actually stroll there for lesson every Monday morning, if both kids are cooperative. Most mums get there by foot, with their child either in a stroller, tricycle or wagon. Shall continue to look around for a twin stroller. I know, my kids have lazy feet.

As usual, Jazz enjoyed the session more than Jare. Jare enjoyed clinging onto me than anything else. There were singing, dancing, music and movements in fun and exciting ways. They did activities like numbers recognition and singing the alphabet song. They did galloping like a horse, hopping like a rabbit and some other animal movements.
Pom pom time

Parachute fun!

Running back after returning pom pom
I'm enjoying classes like these to exhaust the kids energy. The ballroom is huge but they could only accommodate 25 kids a class. I didn't pre-register, so I gate-crashed the session by turning up first that morning and bingo, last 2 slots for us. Oh, and this is really amazing, the instructor is heavily pregnant, to due in 2 weeks time and goodness, she's all jumpy and hyper with the kids. That's what I love about the culture here, bold and never Kiasee (SG slang of fearing death).

At the end of the session, I thought such high energy activity would tire them for an earlier nap that afternoon, but it didn't. Not enough workout! KinderJam classes are once a week, every Monday morning. For being a resident in this 'village' we're staying in, the classes are FOC. Awesome fun at zero cost! Know what, KinderJam was brought to Singapore, for you to find out if keen.

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