Wednesday 3 October 2012

Week summary

I've been very home bound last week. The man's getting busy with assignments and I'm just so stuck to home with kids. My days are getting mundane and routine, it's all about Washing, Ironing, Food and Entertaining the kids. See what's made out of a WIFE! And the cycle repeats. My day begins when the kids wake up, that's my alarm. The one thing that I've always find it hard to give up when kids arrive is - Sleep. That explains my late wake up call.

My man would grab his breakfast and drive off to school. I buy some sleep time by not serving him breakfast. Other than this, I've been very diligent with housework and kids matters. As much as Possible, he gets to stay away from the household chores just so that he can focus on school. It gets really tiring at times. But if he has time, I prefer he gives the kids quality moments.

It's the fourth week in our home, settling well with some mess still lying around. And this seems like my typical week:

On Monday: Did some teaching and learning with Jazz. Baked cookies while the kids were napping. Brought them to the playground for sunny warm shine. Only time I love the sun is when it gets so cold!
My odd sized cookies

Reading in the playground is a cool idea!
On Tuesday: Baked the rest of my refrigerated cookies. Vacuumed the first storey. Headed to the library for an evening of pyjamas bedtime storytelling. Both kids were donned in pyjamas, so were every other kids. Simply adorable.  

1. Busy mum bake tip - Make large portions of batter at one go, refrigerate or freeze it till you need to bake again. Makes fresh without much preparation and cleaning from your pre-mixed batter.

2. Busy mum cook tip - Chop large portion of garlic to save some time from preparing meals. Garlic is always handy for most dishes.
We have limited pyjamas wear, so that explains their Christmas set

And everyone gets to bring their bedtime 'buddy' along
Cookie Batter
Refrigerate chopped garlic
Did I mention that you can find really beautiful garlic here? If this garlic has a gender, it must be a female, she's sheet white clean and looks like a mummy with many little ones in her. To some, she smells good, to some, she smells bad. I love her smell. Haha.

Nice garlic
On Wednesday: Introduced new Chinese characters to Jazz and did some writing. Baked a banana cake while Jare nap. Jazz refused to nap. There's hardly any bakeries around, my cake served their breakfast and snack. My man didn't like my cake, but kids and myself loved it, even my neighbours. This man has weird taste.
New words introduced

Banana cake
My first parcel arrived - Sofa slip cover. Definitely a must buy! Sofa we had was not in good condition, I've been desperately awaiting the arrival of my purchase. Got it!
Sofa slip cover

Chose randomly on the letters she wants to write
I'm much ahead of her preschool pace in SG, but early learning is good for both of us. It simply means there's no rush, no frustrations and we can do it again and again.

On Thursday: Worked horribly like a maid. Vacuumed and mopped the whole house, and cleaned the toilets. All within the kids' nap. My skin is peeling, which I decided to use gloves for cleaning later on. My second parcel arrived. I'm so in love with the return and refund policy here. Had a wrong item received from Amazon, and with an email, it's all solved. I'm getting a refund and I get to keep the wrong item sent. Nice! 

We did up a good girl and good boy chart. Jazz cut and pasted for Jare's and her chart. The number of stickers decides their reward prize. I've also introduced calendar dates and months to Jazz. She's been asking about dates and months.
Good behaviour charts

Calender fun
On Friday: Happy that the trash is finally cleared! The first week, my man experimented by not lining the bins along the roadside, and indeed our trash wasn't cleared. Imagine 2 weeks of trash in the bin! At least it's outside the house. Trash is cleared only once a week here. And so, we can have Jare's poop in the outdoor bin for up to a week!

And finally, the backyard has been cleaned up by the housing management! Woah! Brought out their outdoor toys for play. 
Line the bins up for clear

Cleaned and bare backyard
In midst of my very occupied days, these are my good house buddies I treasure - Dishwasher and laundry dryer! It's in every household here. Jaws drop if anyone finds your home without them.
Clothes washer and drye
That sums up my weekday duties. I wish there are nights or days off for 24/7 mums. Weekend is what I look forward to, meals out, shopping, play or sight seeing, whatever that brings us out of home is a treat. And I've realised, not having to prepare meals give me more time with the kids. Meals are very time sensitive, I've to whip them up on time, before the kids start to get sleepy for nap, or on some days when the man's coming home for lunch within his short breaks.

Nonetheless, a good and fruitful week we had!


  1. Hi, enjoy your time there : ) I was there with my family a few years back (followed husband for his studies)and we still miss Monterey terribly! The photos bring back memories : )

  2. Hi, Thanks! We are really enjoying our moments here. I guess our men are and were in the same school.


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