Thursday 11 October 2012

Disneyland - Anaheim

We had a long weekend last week as Columbus Day fell on a Monday. And if you reside in US temporarily, every long weekend is about exploring and travelling to places around. This weekend, we travelled to Anaheim for Disneyland and Adventure Park. Needless to say, it's every kids love. Mine too! 

With another couple, we took a plane there. This spared us from the long hours of drive and gave us some rest on the plane and bus. Definitely more time for play too. The usual drive to Anaheim would be about 6 hours, excluding breaks, while a flight is only an hour. Only con of flight is liquid constraints and baggage limit, thankfully I didn't shop much. And if we drove, I sure have space to fill a car full of shopping loot back.

I was all so excited about visiting the parks, look who's the kid here. We got the annual passports which burnt a huge hole in my man's pocket. But we were very sure about being there again and again. At least, Jare's entrance is FOC. Visiting Anaheim well fits into any 3 or 4 consecutive days of long weekend here. 

Up-close with the plane which got the kids excited
It's my second time in Anahieim. Once when Jazz was in my tummy and the other, last weekend. Each visit, it's a must to have meals and cakes at The cheesecake factory. It is all so good! It was also that evening that my darling boy dropped my  mobile phone, and left it a crack. Sigh!

The cheesecake factory

We spent a day in Disneyland and 1.5 days in Adventure Park. From morning till midnight! Parks closed at 12 am on the days we were there. 

October is Halloween

Why is Eeyore not blue? As in cartoon!

Pumpkin patch boy
Kids meal
Packaged with applesauce and juice
We also met the International star at his home, Mickey! And I was the most excited of all. We were in a queue after viewing Mickey's house. It says we'll be meeting Mickey, which we've no idea is it in person or on screen, we have no idea what's up ahead. We see queue, we just queue. So when the door opened, we saw Mickey and I went crazy!  
Tea party at Minnie's backyard
The parade

They were mesmerized!
These princesses caught Jare's attention. He exclaimed real loud!
I love the parade and fireworks at Disneyland. Awesome! Next day, it was the Adventure Park, we met more Disney characters and visited the newly opened cars land. I've never introduced cars to Jazz, and she went lightning Mcqueen! Then she went on telling me about her friends who love cars. Peer influence is great.
Met chip and dale in Adventure Park
Under a huge tree

With lightning Mcqueen
We re-visited Adventure Park on our day of departure, hoping to catch the Disney junior show which we missed. And sometimes I think Jazz is too much on TV, she knows more of this channel than me. Surely, I shouldn't be knowing much from the Disney junior channel. She knows shows like, Jake and the Never land pirate and her ever favourite, Mickey mouse clubhouse, as well as some other alien shows to me. She can go meeska mooska mickey mouse! Some secret passcode in the show. And mouseker tool? Whatever that is. That's what childhood's all about. I'm glad she enjoyed and could identify with the show. It definitely is more fun to enjoy the parks with some characters the kids know. I am also trying to read them more story tales from Disney too.   
Mickey mouse clubhouse

Then we played a game to see which Disney character we are similar too.

Jazz enjoys a wide variety of friends
I like her being most like Alice!
Mr and Mrs Incredible
Disneyland is really amazing, even though we spent most time in lines for rides, we had great fun. The queues were either fast moving, such that you keep walking or you'll be always entertained at different points of the line, by displays or some other distractions. At the end of the day, all frustrations and exasperation from the wait simmers with the awesome parade and fireworks. After fireworks, great music is also played to help disperse the crowd in a rhythmic manner. The crowd swayed happily to their next venue or to the exit. It indeed is a happy place to be for anyone. It's also the only time I wished the kids wouldn't have to nap, just so they can have more fun, but they did.    

And that ended our short vacation. It was a treat for the kids and myself, a time when I can break away from the daily household chores with no washing and cooking! It's all now back to reality, to our routines. Life will never be a bed of roses.

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