Thursday 18 October 2012

Pumpkin Farm - Uesugi

It's the pumpkin season when days are approaching Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are indigenous to the western hemisphere and pumpkin farms are everywhere. This fruit is best planted in June and harvested in October. We missed the seeding month for our backyard, next year, perhaps. 

We visited the Uesugi Farms for harvest. It was more than a farm, it's a park with rides and activities for the little ones. The kids rode on the carousel, cow tractor and went through an enchanted hayride. Kids below 42" ride for free. It's 2 tickets for the 4 of us.  
Pumpkin patch is open
Nope, not garlic. It's a munchkin.
Huge real pumpkin
Cute little cow tractor ride
The land of Marigold!
There's something about the corn here, it's awesomely sweet and delicious. Jazz had one whole cob on her own. It wasn't enough and we went for a second buy.

Pumpkins for carving
The huge pumpkins are used mainly for carving. I walked away with a little sugar pie pumpkin, hoping to bake something out of it. These orange fruits have edible seeds and flesh that is highly nutritious! 

And there was something glorious about this 1.5 hours driving trip - I did the journey to the farm. Not too bad, getting better with the roads and left hand drive. 

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