Saturday 18 May 2013

Home cooked meals 'to go'

I've been packing occasional lunches for Js shortly after they started school. Depending on the school's menu, I would pack their lunches on the days when their appetite isn't too open for Mexican food. Their teachers told me they didn't quite like enchiladas. And I didn't opt for home pack lunches for all school days because I thought it would be nice to also try other food options in school. Sometimes, picky eaters can be corrected with peer influence.

Most times, Jazz wouldn't finish what I've packed for her and half her food portion would be still resting in her food jar. As usual, I questioned if she ate well, took the fruits and milk. And yesterday was an upset evening when Jazz told me that school's lunch is more yummy than mummy's, and that she doesn't want home packed lunches anymore. My heart sank. How honest and truthful kids are, and they innocently have no idea that you're hurt.

My efforts of trying to feed her with more home cooked meals seemed unappreciated. Would she know the mornings I wake up earlier to cook her lunch? Would she know a good amount of protein, vitamins, fibre and carbs have been well balanced in her lunch bag? The less salt and less sweet? My endless education of healthy eating doesn't seem to ring some sense into her. Jare on the other hand has been really nice and encouraging, he said he loves home lunches when we questioned him. 
Meals for my man, girl and boy - Rice, chicken, vege and fruits!

Perhaps, when her friends are having yummy school desserts like Jelly, brownies, choco pudding and cookies, she would be salivating at these lack in her lunch bag. Intending to disregard her request, I shall continue to try packing her lunch... Home cooked meals will stay, not 'to go.' Mum wants her way too.

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