Tuesday 7 May 2013

Nature - Point Lobos

Walking to admire the nature isn't something I enjoy much doing when both kids don't use their walking feet. We visited Point Lobos over the weekend, a place with very beautiful view where the land, rocks and ocean meet. We managed to do 2 trails. The first with Jare in my arms as he didn't want to get on feet with us. And the heavier weight, Jazz, was carried by my man, almost throughout both trails! Definitely got his muscles more toned. 

After the first trail, my arms and legs were ready to give in, I couldn't hold my heavy boy anymore. With much coaxing, and a sturdy branch we found him, he agreed to walk. That was when my enjoyment finally began - Enjoying the scenic view on a very breezy cold evening, hand in hand with my lover boy, covering distances. Simply wonderful! Doing scenic trail holds a different view when I have cooperative kids.
Walking with my lover boy

Trees awaiting summer
Lovely view
I had a little revelation that evening. I may dislike doing certain activities, but as long as the whole family does it, I'll do it, even if it's much against my will. Terms and conditions apply - I need cooperative kids. What's better joy than bonding with the family, walking, talking and playing with my lover man, girl and boy.

Have you, one activity that you dislike doing, but will do as a family because someone in the family enjoys? I found it isn't that bad after all.

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