Monday 13 May 2013

Motherhood in a poem

My hands wrinkle every year
From the showers I did for you
The dishes I've washed and
The house I've to upkeep

My arms could have gotten stronger
From the times I had to carry you
When your feet chose to rest
You slept in my arms
While I took chance to smell your hair
I couldn't get much accomplished
With you in arms
But I knew all was fine

My back aches much
From the nights you sneaked onto my bed
Some nights it was four in bed
But I took chance to cuddle
Smell your hair and 
Kiss your cheeks
I knew I love such nights

My face shows signs of aging
With wrinkles folding in
Much from the frequent moments of anger
Endless worries about you and
Often the schedule we have to meet each day
My aging simply means you're growing

Time for my favourite things get less
I sleep less, I hardly nap
I read less of my books
But more fairy tales than ever
It's all about you before anything else
Unconditional love takes a deeper meaning
And I know sacrifices are worthy

It's never an equal exchange
Because love is never asked to return
But always remember my sacrifices
Through my hands, face and arched back 

When I get frail, and you get tough
Remember to carry me

I'm no poet, but I just felt like jotting something about Motherhood in a different way. Happy Mother's Day to all Mummies!

Thank you Js for coming into my life. You both created the most life changing moments that ever happened to me. Motherhood is a great and amazing journey, it gave me greater sense of responsibility, brought me to new maturity, gave me great tolerance to the irritants (people and things) around me and best of all, made me more complete than ever. I am happy and grateful to be your Mum! 
Gifts made by Js in school
Love you both!

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