Wednesday 1 May 2013

International Day - Food Fair

It had been a privilege and an experience here, as a Singaporean cooking for a fair. My man's school held an International day event last weekend. A huge event with delicacies from over 20 participating countries. And together with other Singaporean spouses, we cooked up a storm to sell our local representations. We ran hourly sales of different foodie - curry chicken, beef rendang, red bean soup, kaya toast, Kopi (Coffee), peanut cookies, pandan cakes and chrysanthemum tea! All so good and yummilicious! You get the ultimate tastes when spouses put their pots and pans together. It's quite our forte after all.
Table layout
For fun, I did up 10 fun facts about Singapore for our foreign friends who'll stop by to read. They are Facts as of April 2013. A common reaction I get when I tell foreigners I'm from Singapore is a 'mixed' expression, most of them do not know where Singapore is. A look that kinda question me 'Where's that,' in a polite manner. Too small to be significant perhaps. So if I can bring across 10 factual points about my country, in a picture, why not?!!
Logo with thanks:

And our hand held flags!
My contribution to the menu were 2 large pots of curry chicken for a hundred pax serving. Sale was slow during the first 30 minutes, but after running into the second hour, the pots were polished clean. Glad the effort of waking up before dawn was paid off. It was also my first experience cooking for such a crowd. Mummy yveon cooked beef rendang and I managed to steal some from the pot before it was all gone. Yums! And if you wana know the thing that bonds most Singaporeans together, it is FOOD! Singapore - The food paradise.
Curry chicken that goes so perfect with baguette

While it was my shift to tend the stall, the man did a great job child sitting the kids. The Js had heap of fun running on the grass pasture and engaged in some child activities they had on site.

Funds raised goes to the school. We were not the highest ticket collector, but the highlight was FUN. Not about the results, but the food and sale journey that bond us closer. At the end of the day, as tired as it may be, I had a great time 'pitching sales' together with our fellow Singaporeans who volunteered their time to put everything together. The true Singapore spirit across the border. Indeed a One people, One Nation, One Singapore!

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