Saturday 1 June 2013

Cooking is fun

It has always a pleasure to cook for my family the past months since we're here. A privilege that I could not have, as often as a working mum. I've improved my culinary skills immensely and love exploring recipes much more than before. Of course, still much far off from a good chef.

The number of meals I have cooked here are definitely more than the number of meals I've cooked in the years of my living. I'm amazed at what I can do with raw food now.
Asian meals
Glorious food!
Western meals
Bakes and treats
Don't drool. I know how these pictures can torture a hungry person. Heh.

The Internet has made cooking so much easier in this era. With many great bloggers sharing their mouthwatering recipes, all you need is time and connection to get online for great recipes. I'm also thankful for sweet mummy friends who have shared some good recipes with me. Tried and tested, these recipes are even better keepers. Do share great recipes with me!

Home cooked meals are much more healthy than the food we consume outside. With known ingredients we add into the dishes, minimum or non-processed meats make Mummy's cooked meals much more healthy. Moreover, it's expensive to eat out over here. Every meal cooked is a sum saved.

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