Monday 17 June 2013

Ten Thanks to the Daddy!

To the greatest man in our home:

1. Thank you for your sacrifices 
2. Thank you for your wise words  
3. Thank you for your never failing love 
4. Thank you for the moments of crazy fun
5. Thank you  for sprinkling our lives with laughter
6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom
7. Thank you for spicing up our lives with excitement
 8. Thank you for being the strength and pillar of this household
9. Thank you for being an awesome and wonderful Dad
10. Thank you for the hours you slog out of home to bring food and toys for us

Happy Father's Day!
Love, Us!

Love, Jazz

Love, Jare
We've been disney-fied! Blending ourselves into the Disney family. Crazy idea for the crazy Daddy!

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