Thursday 20 June 2013

Letters in their names

I've always wanted to create beautiful meanings out of the letters in their names. After some days of challenging thoughts, I can finally mark it down. 

J is for Jazz, bounce with music for life
A is for Amicable, ever peaceable
Z is for Zealous, diligently passionate
Z is for Zest, live an exciting life
E is for Endeavour, attain great successes ahead
L is for Loving, withhold a pure heart
L is for Laughter, spread it all around
E is for Enchanting, be that magical influence

J is for joy, bring it unto others
A is for Admirable, gain that respect
R is for Reliable, be a firm support
E is for Excellence, pursue it continuously
T is for trustworthy, live in honesty
H is for Humble, always the key to success

J pair!

I'll be contented enough to raise Js as beautifully described. Moral character far exceeds the academics. Aspire them to look great on the outside and inside!    

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