Monday 24 June 2013

Let's Serve!

It had been a very blessed week for Jazz and us. My parents arrived, Js are away from school and Jazz attended a church camp that ran for 5 days, 3 hours each session. As an apprehensive Mum, I was all worried about her on day 1 when I left her in a place of total unfamiliar faces. She can be extremely shy and unspoken when it comes to a  'land' of strangers.

My worries were uncalled for, when I picked her at the end of first day's session. She was all cheerful and with excitement still in her, she told me she had great fun learning, doing crafts, singing and dancing. She emphasized on 'fun' umpteen times, and I was relieved that she found comfort in a whole new environment. I knew the camp shall continue for her till its last day, and she looked forward for every session.

Together with her, I've been tremendously blessed after each session from what she communicated on  the learnings and songs. The camp had a main theme on 'SERVE.' She learnt about serving God, Family, Friends, Neighbours and Community. Which is a value that's often neglected or unspoken of. It's not too often that a child wants to take on a serving role in play or for real. A good value to teach, not just for the young, but for every living human. Very often, we are wrapped in our own bubble, neglecting the people around us. Taking things and service for granted without much considerations. The higher a status one climbs to, the tougher it is to humble oneself to serve. I hope Js will always keep a servanthood heart in them, wherever they are. Not talking about service for a profit, but serving with a sincere and cheerful heart. I hope they will always avail themselves, whenever possible to help people around them. But, at the same time, stay wise about not being taken granted for.

I'm pleased when Jazz said, "I'm gonna serve Mummy, so that she has more time for other stuff," "I'm gonna tidy my bed everyday." These positives melted my heart. And words aren't just words when partnered with actions. She began tidying her bed on some mornings, with her soft toys neatly tucked to the bed corner. She served not just me, but her brother. She tidied his bed too! I'm comforted by this little beginning. She seemed to have matured not just spiritually, but grown sensible too. At least in thoughts.
Church camp week for Jazz

Riding on the road, with cautious drivers always on lookout
And while Js were away from school, I spent much more time with them than their school days. We cycled, scooted, swam, played and of course with the input of educational drills. It definitely is easy to serve the people we love!

I'm truly thankful for the reminder about serving, not just within the household, but also out of the house. I'm blessed for every opportunity to serve. 
Pretend play - Picnic

While sis is in camp, it's cars world

Learning the creative way

We had a great week of bonding and much more to come as vacation begins...

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