Thursday 6 June 2013

We Love where we are

Time flew and we've spent 8 months here, in California. We're loving our light and relaxed routines, life here is just so sweet and simple to go by. No stress, no fuss and no time constraints. Top 5 reasons why we love where we are:

1. Weather
Needless to say, we know how scorching hot our tropical country, Singapore is. A step to the outdoor, makes you feel like melting. The place we're living has a consistent temperature throughout the year, hovering between 10 to 18 Degree Celsius on most days. One of the days, it hit 21 degrees, and we felt so hot! That's just how pampered we got. But be glad, my fellow Singaporeans, though we share the same sun, the rays here are much more piercing than in Singapore. There's less clouds to filter those rays, thus sunscreen is a MUST for all outdoor sunny plays. We get sights of clear blue skies here though.

2. Free Parking
ERP? Parking Coupons? None here! Most places offer free parking. Though limited time given, it's a good enough privilege. Feels good to not worry about topping up that cashcard or running out of parking coupons in the car.

3. Beaches
The meeting of ocean and land is the most perfect existent ever. Ocean view here is truly beautiful and breathtaking. High low, soft loud waves and breezy winds make you fall in love with every part of it. Nature is such a beauty! You just feel like it's smiling at you. For now, I'm glad to be miles away from the East Coast Park and Sentosa. 

4. Shopping
Need I say more? We were very warmly welcomed to the land of online and outlet shopping. With many brand labels much cheaper found here, than in Asia. 

5. Farmers Market
I am so very in love with the Farmers Market here. There are different markets held at different places, different days and time, but we only frequent our favourite every Tuesday. Now that it's summer, every visit is more fruitful than the non-summer days. Fruits and vegetables range gets better in this season. The fruits are amazingly crunchy and sweet, vegetables are fresh and of great variety from non-organic to organic. We also love those fresh popcorns and salsa, pairing perfectly with any tortilla chips! All so good and yummy. The sweetest part is, bringing the kids there for evening stroll, walking and holding their little hands. It gets busy keeping eyes on the produces and kids though.

When our stay expires, the farmers market will definitely be one of my most missed. 
I want to be always near you, Farmers Market!
When another set of time flies, it will soon be back to reality...

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