Wednesday 24 July 2013

Final summer trip - Las Vegas

From Vancouver, we flew in to Nevada, Las Vegas. The city known for gambling, fine dining, shows, shopping and nightlife. Simply, not quite a place to visit with kids. And being restrained by them, there wasn't much we accomplished, except eating and shopping. My parents were around, and I thought if we had more days, we would have caught the Celine Dion's concert, since we had child care 'service' readily available. 
Seeing cities within city
Vegas is a very exciting place, a city that never sleeps, with hot babes everywhere. What made everything hotter was the weather, it was 44 deg Celsius during our stay there! Yes, you read me right. The moment we stepped out of the air-conditioned airport, we were 'warmly' welcomed into a heat furnace. It was crazy! As I wheeled the kids through the taxi line, in their stroller, I can hear murmurs of conversation, "It's so hot! How is this bearable for the kids." Well, we didn't know when heatwave will strike. Although, July is one of the hottest months in Vegas, 44 deg c. is unusual.

Our stay was provoked by the weather, I had the burning desire to return home. What made worse, was spending independence day in LV, with mega huge crowd everywhere, from hotels to the strip. Everyone wanted to catch sight of fireworks, we too! I will never forget how closely packed we were on an overhead bridge that brought us across the road, almost skin to skin with strangers. A stampede could end us all. After that adventure, I totally sympathize sardines.

Amazingly, nothing subdued my love for shopping. Regardless the heat, we shopped a whole day at the Las Vegas premium outlets - North. We had another reason to walk into any shop for cool air, and perhaps stay longer. I shopped, my parents shopped and the kids cooperated with a long nap. Maybe, this was the true highlight of our trip. Other than that, Vegas was planned all for my Dad. "For your gambling experience, Dad!" We would have taken longer stroll down the strip, if weather was favourable with less crowd. It was my second time there, all I can remember it for, is seemingly like, Orchard road. Variety of shops within walks. Tiring and endless.

It was a good desert expedition though, less the camels and cactus. We went around on foot for 2 days and rented a car for our outlet visit, and dine at my long desired restaurant, Lawry's, on the third day. The place with ever highly pleasing steak! And cheaper than Singapore.    
Always a taste to last

We stayed in Venetian, which was very much like Marina Bay Sands, as both are owned by sands. More grand, and larger rooms in Venetian though. But MBS is more profitable. Monopoly vs Competition.
Little Venice within the hotel

Huge luxurious hotel room

Our stay wasn't too bad after all. Even though hot, humidity was low, we were slow to perspire. On our final day, we were excited to take flight home until the airline officer informed us of the plane crash at SFO airport. It got our flight cancelled. We were stranded for awhile, but didn't take us long to decide driving 10 hours home. My dad took half the journey, while my man took the other.

Being home safe and back to comfort is our ultimate reward. For weeks, I got tired of travelling and vacation. And now, gradually picking the mood for our next short vacation!

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