Wednesday 31 July 2013

Doll House

Soft toys are invading the kids' bed! Whenever I do night checks, they are near the edge of the bed, while their soft toys are comfortably surrounded to a side. After days of thoughts, I've decided that their soft toys need a separate home, and I made a rarely passable home for their 'friends.'

I don't have specific directions, I flowed as I 'build.' Mainly, cover the raw boxes with papers, coloured or plain are good. I happened to have some pictured papers, so I decorated it to look quite like a house. Jazz attempted to make this a joint project, but I completed most of it. It was rather challenging for the little hands.

What you need:
  • Coloured/Plain papers
  • Pictured papers (if any)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
I used hot glue gun, which allowed me to work faster. 

1. Cut the longer flaps of the boxes. Keeping only the shorter flaps as 'doors.'
2. Glue the boxes, one above the other, the 2 larger sides together.
3. Cover the raw exposed sides (in and out) with papers. Alternatively, you can get a large wrapping paper to cover. I worked within my resources.
4. Find suitable pictures or coloured papers for the walls and doors
Papers and 2 identical sized boxes

If you've time and creativity, make up the furniture!

Stuffed toys neatly housed, safe and sound between the kids

It wasn't a very intensive project. I visualized a thought, made it happened and got the toys sheltered. Not too bad of an effort, from the usually un-creative me. 

What else matters when the people whom I'm trying to please love it? Yes, Jazz loves it, she has the most contributions (she owns bulk of the toys) to the new made home. I'm just glad their beds look more spacious now.

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