Tuesday 30 July 2013

Interesting conversations

After a series of classic conversations collecting, it's time to document them again.

Conversation 1
Jazz: Mummy, why is the moon sometimes round and sometimes crescent?
Mum: Why don't you ask Daddy?
Dad: Because the monster ate the moon!
Jazz: No! Because the sun cast shadow on the moon.
I'm impressed, but I felt like, I fell into her trick.

Conversation 2:
Mum: Jazzelle, see, fire engine is rushing. Like firefighter Fred.
Jazz: Where is the fire engine going to?
Mum: It's going to...
Dad: They are rushing to save a cat from the tree.
It could be true, but definitely not good knowledge to share about firefighters.

Conversation 3:
Dad: Jazzelle, let's not bring lolli (her soft, toy dog). Put him in the car so he can watch the car and bark when strangers come.
Jazz: Do you think lolli will bark? I don't think so, he's a soft toy
Sometimes, you keep thinking you're still talking to a 2 year old when she's 4!

Conversation 4:
Mum: Jareth, what did you learn in school today? What number did you write?
Jare: Forty-Nine
Mum: And who is George Washington?
Jare: He's my friend!
I've no idea where his concentration wandered to in school. Got a set of wrong replies.

Conversation 5:
Jazz: Mummy, you know why is goofy so clever? Because he's so tall.
Mum: I think because he eats well
Jazz: Then Donald and Daisy Duck are not clever because they are short
Dad: Because they got birds' brain
Gosh! My girl is disneyfied and my man is crazy!

Conversations like these keep me smiling and laughing just by reading and re-reading. I love the laughter  they plant in my life. I love my family!

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  1. LOL, Daddy is trying to be funny.

    And Jareth's "George Washington is my friend" is a classic!


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