Wednesday 17 July 2013

Disney Cruise - Alaska

I got tired, I got weary, I lost inspirations and I am tempted to neglect writing about my parenting journey and our adventures... Nonetheless, am still back here, continuing what I've started...

It's been a long while, and yes, we went on a summer vacation, on a Disney cruise to Alaska. Spent some days in Vancouver, Seattle and Las Vegas - Toiled 3 weeks traveling out of home, it somehow felt like we covered the globe! Not easy on Mums even on vacation.

Spending 7 nights on board Disney Cruise was the best, we were well fed and magically entertained. It was a great time of 3 generations fun for us. The cruise departed from Vancouver, sailed through scenic nature views of ice blue glaciers, snow capped mountains and waterfalls, to our first port of call, Skagway, followed by Juneau, then Ketchikan.

Skagway - A very small town with population less than 1000 all year round, summer gives it a higher population count and tourism is the town's main economy. No visitors, no income.

We strolled the small city of Skagway, went a little further to Liarsville for salmon baked lunch, shows and gold panning. Gold panning is a traditional method of 'surfacing' gold from gravel. All we needed to do, was to add some water into the pan, give some good shakes, pour out the low specific gravity materials and spot the gold among the denser materials. We were thrilled when we spotted gold! It took me a long while to even spot one, and while I was about to give up, my sweetie encouraged me to stay patient and shake on. I took on her advice and found some gold! I got hooked and became the last few to board the bus to port.

Gold panned in the drizzly rain

Juneau - Remembered this town well because we were welcomed by the good sunshine. It had been drizzly and rainy for the rest of our land tours. It was also the most exciting day of our adventure, where we rode on helicopter to snow capped glaciers and got on dog sleds. It was life experiencing and a rare opportunity for all of us. Riding helicopter, setting foot on glaciers and riding on sled were our  first! I discovered the beauty of glaciers, donned in pure white and blue, they are beyond what words can describe. I'm sold to such impressive nature. And when many glaciers and sun meet, you need good shades to admire them.

Towed by the Alaskan Huskies

Shy! Was asked to do this...

Ketchikan - A town with very strong local culture and flavour. Encompassed by the many types of salmon, its economy is based mainly on fishing. We caught a traditional native performance at Saxman native village, place where you wouldn't miss walking past a totem pole. We also caught the lumberjack show - two teams of lumberjacks compete in chops, sawing, climbling and roping of logs. After which, we feasted on the Alaska king crab. A food gem that tastes all so good!

Posing with a totem pole
Life on board seemed short-lived, but memorable. The endless access to great food, dessert, sodas, coffees and teas pampered us totally. Free room service filled our tummies to the brim each night - Supper! And you guessed it, we've all added some inches to that waist. The aftermath of gluttony is a tough battle. I'm on an intensive weight loss schedule now.

Disney cruise is absolutely commendable. Fun and friendly crews giving great services, after dinner shows are entirely impressive and great activities were planned on board for the young to old. The tag doesn't come cheap, it was a painful amount spent for the whole family, but seems worth it. Only dissatisfaction I have is, kids, as young as Jare, are paying the same amount as an adult. Ouch!
That's how crazy they got with fun

And what made me sailed back contented is, finally, some decent family portraits. One that I've been longing for, it was days of persuasion to convince my man to pay and shoot with clean background, and bright studio lights. The power of persuasion lies in every woman. Haha! What's best, we didn't have to pay the usual expensive make up artist or photographer for great pictures. A little price for simple shots are good enough for keepsake. 

Loving picture like this

Magical journey doesn't just begin on land, but on sea too! Given an opportunity, boldly include Disney Alaskan cruise into your must-do list.

Updating soon on days in Vancouver, Seattle and Las Vegas.... 

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