Sunday 20 October 2013

Eventful weekend - Salinas and Gilroy

Being where we are give us truly exciting and extraordinary weekends. Filling each weekend with interesting events around our proximity.

20 July - California Rodeo Salinas
Went to a Rodeo event at Salinas, where we caught sight of the horse parade and had fun at the event carnival. Together with their proud local ranchers, about 100 horses hoofed and neighed through a long stretch of street. It was also then, I realised how beautiful these long existed animals are.
Horsies parade
After which, we spectated the bull riding, calf dressing, professional rodeo and mutton busting competitions. Each category brought on a different form of excitement. Bull riding gets really nervous when the rider falls off the bull, and escape for his dear life. And if the bull doesn't go back to where it's supposed to, cowboys on standby get into action with their lassos. Cool! 
Bull on the run!
Calf dressing was another swift acted competition, with the objective of successfully dressing a calf in a pair of giant wranglers within the shortest amount of time. And the really cute one is, mutton busting, where little boys and girls attempted to ride on the sheep with all strength and will. Tame as the sheep may be, they are fast moving, giving the little kids only seconds to ride on before falling off to soft ground.

The kids' carnival exhausted the bulk of Js energy. They enjoyed their unlimited access to the bouncy castle, game stalls and other creative stations. 
My cowboy having fun at the game stall

Technical lesson - Building a toolbox

Js petting a bunny
Totally in love with such an experience and glad to be around for this event, which is held annually. 

That same evening, we caught a theatre show, Pinocchio. A performance put up by little children between 5 to 12. They are really a bunch of talented drama kids. Both Js enjoyed it, so did we. I'm inspired to stir some interest in Jazz, for speech and drama classes. 

28 July - Gilroy Garlic Festival
Gilroy is well-known for its garlic crop, and it just held its annual Garlic Festival. We were there for garlicky food! The food was great tasting, which takes my verdict of, 'worth the calories.' It was crowded, with extreme queues to some stalls. For our first garlic ice-cream experience, my man stood 20 mins under sun for our vanilla garlic ice-cream. To Js, it tasted as rewarding as the usual treats. Vanilla garlic ice-cream, sounds weird but we shove everything down. I was over-suspicious about it, but it wasn't too bad. 
Garlic ice-cream in half a cantaloupe
Mass production for the crowd

Gilroy garlic festival
The kids caught a puppet show and we made wooden toolbox again. One thing I appreciate from the many events organized here, is the presence of kids friendly activities. Where both young and old can have good share of fun.

09 August - Skydiving!
Boldly challenged ourselves into the highly adventurous activity. I am usually the most timid person around, I was astounded by my own achievement. Man! It was totally frightening! First few seconds of free falling was beyond imagination, as if I was out of the world. All I could think of, was 'parachute, please open.' And that was the moment when I could relax a little better. If you think skydiving is not possible with kids around, you've entertained an excuse. We brought Js along, and together with HP's kids, they patiently waited for the grown ups, for a good 4 hours! All so smooth and good.

I love SG

Success in challenging gravity!

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