Monday 28 October 2013

Halloween Celebration (I)

It's time of the year when spookiness creeps in again. It's Halloween! Our last experience of the spooky western life, before we head home for the next. 

As a parent, the really exciting part about Halloween is sourcing for child friendly costumes for the little ones. I've been thinking about what costumes to get for the kids, until I realised, it's no more about my preferences, but their choices. I had to bring them along to costume shop. Which of course took more effort to get a perfect fit, because both Mum and child have to agree on the purchase. In any case, it was agreed that Jare will play Sulley from Monster Inc. and Jazz, still much into princesses, will play Rapunzel, which she already has. Phew, savings! And Mummy a boring wonder woman, Daddy a boring superman. Still, the heroes of this family.

Thanks Dank for this pic

It was a fun filled day yesterday. We went for a Halloween celebration organized by the housing committee and after lunch, went church for another round of Halloween Carnival. The kids had fun, and so did we!

Our treat bags!

Sulley and his fire truck

Rapunzel uses slide to get down

With bold parents and timid kids, we walked the haunted house. An in-house production with really good effects and actors. I've never had Jare cling onto me so tightly before, he was terrified! And we walked out with crying kids. What an eerie encounter for them!

Event no. 2

The kids seemed to have forgotten about nap when a day is packed with fun. And since nap was abandoned, we went for another Halloween carnival at church. It was absolutely fun and extremely family friendly, no zombies, no scares and no crying kids. Cute costumes everywhere!

We loved the trunks and treats, where Js went car to car to collect treats with their buckets. It was interesting to see how families do up the trunks of their car with themes! I'm creatively impressed and inspired!

Treat collection from 'Where's Willy'

Luigi from Super Mario!

Interesting car

The kids had unlimited fun at the many game stalls and they loved every part of the challenges. I loved watching their expressions of success and failure. For every little effort, the kids were rewarded with a prize ticket, which accumulated, entitled them to exchange for a prize.

Game time

And I thought the kids must be really drained and exhausted after a day of fun, they proved me wrong by asking for another round of bouncy fun. I admire their source of energy when it comes to fun.

It was a truly awesome day! Heartfelt thanks to all volunteers who availed and put up this excitement for everyone. Awaiting 31st October for more fun...

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