Tuesday 29 October 2013


Caught a Disney on Ice show with the kids, at San Jose. The kids enjoyed and according to Jazz, "Best Show ever!" And that's what she says after every Disney performance.

To me, I'm just glad that the tickets were at a good buy. So much cheaper than watching one in SG. Jare didn't need a ticket, he was still entitled to our lap seat. Savings!

"Under the sea"

Intermission = Snack time

Moments like this compelled me to get the really unhealthy, yet satisfying into our tummies. Popcorn and cotton candy! The best entertainment companions. I was the big one craving for cotton candy.

Sometimes, I feel so clueless about doing the things that doesn't define me at all. I remembered some years ago, while I was still dating the man, I fell asleep at such a similar show. Today, with the inclusion of two little beings, I identified most parts of the show and simply enjoyed watching it with them. It's true that in a part of us, there is a child likeness that doesn't outgrow. The kids sometimes make me feel like a child again! De javu at times. Simply sweet.

My man on the other hand thinks he's getting bored with the classics. It would be more exciting to bring cars and planes on ice!  


  1. Yeah, we gonna watch Disney Magic in SG. Each ticket is so expensive. Zzzzz.

  2. Really! Enjoy! Think we should catch another one before heading home! Haha.


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