Friday 11 October 2013

Best of Anahiem, Bye Disney!

Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at Disneyland! With the kids and ET, who thoughtfully bought us gifts and mini celebrated for us. And with great fun and adventures like these, on every other weekend, 'no gifts' policy works well for us. I've been really thankful for my stay and well paced life for the past 1 year. Thank you, Man! Gift policy might return next year. Hint hint.

Got much of a mixed feel when we ended our Disney weekend. Our annual pass has expired! We max it to its final date. It's been amazing how we don't get tired of it. Almost every long weekend, we would eagerly drive down Anaheim for Disney fun. Our annual passes have served us well.

Not a spokesperson, but if you have time frame of more than a year in California, with kids, go for the annual pass. It was some of our best moments spent in that land. Jazz grew taller for more rides since we first visited, and she got really bold too! A better rider than me. She was my comfort on those heart pounding rides.

Although, we walked away with 2 missed rides, I'm still happy with the wrap up. 
Happy 7th, my man!
Since it was our last and final trip there, we pampered our stayed in the Disneyland hotel! Which had been a wonderful stay.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.. when you're fast asleep

My man thinks we're done with it for good, but I have a secret desire... I wana be back!

Another final trip with ET today, before she embarks for home next week. I think we've been pretty good  hosts. And while offer lasts, come visit us, friends!

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