Tuesday 22 October 2013

Universal, Seaworld and shopping!

It takes loads of energy for fun. It wasn't too long ago that we just packed and unpacked from a recent Disney trip. Not soon after settling into the comfort of home, it was the long weekend and we hit the road again. We drove down to Universal Studio, Hollywood and Seaworld, San Diego. The highlight of all, was having shopping in our itinerary. We had a mad time of shopping at Dessert Hills premium outlet. Which according to me, is the best place to shop on Earth.

11 Oct - Universal Studio, Hollywood
It wasn't our first visit, but we don't seem tired of its studio tour. Ever amazing! Jazz could get on more rides this time and we had a pleasant surprise of meeting the minions. So cute! The park was donned to Halloween's theme, with zombies lying all around. It was insane that ET and I cowardly walk through the house of horror, with just our two-sleves. Where did courage go? It was horrifying! Actors and props are of Hollywood standard! 

They are really 'petite'
12 Oct - SeaWorld, San Diego 
Also not our first visit, but we had more fun this round because there were different stations in the park for trick or treat. Though only managed to cover 7 out of 10 stations, we had good fun. I joined in for the treat fun, collected so much candies that our Halloween treat supplies have been covered!

My man always think he has 3 children. I agree!

Killer whale. My ever beautiful looking mammal

13 to 14 Oct: After theme parks, we stayed at a beautiful town called palm springs, and while driving from here to our happy shopping destination, we made pit stops with interesting sights.

Wind farms - Natural form of energy generation is found in some parts of the states. And we thought these windmills look beautiful standing just as it is. Decided to stop for a portrait with these hardworking mills.

Windmills are beautiful when gathered

World's Largest Dinosaur - Driving from Palm dessert to LA, it's almost impossible to miss 2 gigantic dinosaurs alongside. We were compelled to stop. Nope, we didn't pay to enter the museum, we were contented with just the outside.

This T-Rex is the same fellow who appeared in the movie, 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.' Perfectly alright not to hear of this movie, it was a 1985 film. I suppose, as young as we may be, it's alien to us.

World's largest indeed!

Shopping concludes it all. The most deadly kind of happiness is shopping! It drains money out of us, gradually and surely. I confess, I lost much sanity while shopping. The aftermath is lethal! 

The combined forces of 2 women

And this is what I meant by, happiness comes with a price, a heavy price tag! ET came with 1 luggage, went home with 2. Shopping has a new definition for her. Other than the regret of National Parks being closed, I think we've presented the best of California to ET. Hope you've enjoyed your stay, friend!

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