Sunday 15 December 2013

Last school day

Tendered Js resignation from school. Yesterday marked their last day with the preschool they've been attending quite faithfully for the past 10 months. It's always the most difficult part to say goodbye. And it seemed not too long ago, that they settled into the routine of school, teachers and friends. I saw how my little boy grew from those crying and leg tugging days to walking independently for lessons and play. Some days, walking to his seat excitedly without giving me my needed hugs and kisses.

It's been a great learning journey. They've made many new friends, learned much about the social, culture and traditions. I like it that they brought some Spanish language into the house. 

It was a tough decision, but we knew it was a matter of time. Only 4 more months and we'll be back to where we call home. Farewell is in the time to come. Js requested to pack some goodbye gifts for their teachers and friends. I couldn't agree more.
The season made it easy to get gifts

As we countdown our precious days, I'm also all ready to receive Js full time at home. I had been on a long vacation while they went to school. I had a very good amount of time to stay sane by doing the things I love. I brought in my occasional routine of Zumba and jogs, did some painting classes, Bible studies, played on the keyboard, watched some dramas, read and found my long lost love in ballet. It had been an awesome journey, as a part day, SAHM. And of course, this made my evenings, much more precious than before, spending quality time with them.

On their last school day, teachers helped Js to prepare these greetings for us:
Jazz to us!
Jare to us!
Awesome works! Thank you Ryan Ranch for the inspirations, knowledge shared and journey explored! Where through your doors, pass the most incredible children in the World.
The door we zip 'in and out' for months

24/7 mum in the making, breathing in and out....

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