Wednesday 4 December 2013

Thankful Jar

We just ended a week of Thanksgiving. To advocate the spirit of thankfulness, I've been conversing with Js about the things that we are thankful for. I know thankfulness should be within our soul, heart and mind, all the time. But it was in the atmosphere that led us into this subject of conversation.

We did a Thankful Jar. A jar where we put our thankfulness within. Js told me about the many things they were thankful for, I wrote it and they dropped it into the jar individually. As we went along, we realized there are just so many happy things around us, be it little or big. They were even thankful for the Christmas tree set up in our house. We may not have all the goodness and richness of this World, but we were never in lack. For myself, I'm eternally thankful for the past 1 year plus, where we had this opportunity to shift home to a much much bigger country, with so much explorations and treasures. My time with the man and kids had been so memorable. So little time here, so much to bring home. Yes, we are packing up soon! 
Thankful for his Toy cars!

Our thankfulness within
Above the things they possessed, they drifted to thanking for the flowers and leaves that recently blossomed in our backyard. And for the things that are yet to be possessed or seen, Jare claimed them. He's thankful for a turkey! That convicted me to bake one for him, and I did it with Mummy D! My inaugural turkey, with stuffing made from scratch. It certainly helped with 2 pair of hands and minds. Our turkey tasted awesomely good! Thankful for the great turkey making experiment and simple pre-thanksgiving dinner we had with mummies, daddies and kiddies! 
Our 11 pounds turkey
Now, I think I'm hooked on baking a turkey! Will definitely bake one back in SG. Hopefully the birds there aren't too exuberant.

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