Monday 16 December 2013

Christmas Tales

We specially love the Christmas atmosphere here. Other than waking up to freezing mornings, like a single digit degree Celsius weather, we've been constantly soaked with Christmas songs, stories, gifts, beautiful home decorations and activities. We filled our almost everyday with fun. We've watched 2 musicals, Elves and the shoemaker and the Little match girl. We've wrapped and gifted pressies to little ones in our neighbourhood. Thank you uncles and aunties for pressies too! We've put up our tree and deco outside the house. We're all set, but we are gonna be away for Christmas. For sure, Christ-mas is in our heart, wherever we are.

Blue Christmas

herapeutic to sight such deco in our neighbourhood

There's so much we can do, before 25th arrives. Yesterday, as Js ended their last school day, we went on the train to Christmas town. We boarded and went through a magical ride. We listened to a story on board, met its characters and of course, the most important person of all, Santa! It was a delightful and happy train ride, we enjoyed it as much as the kids. We had hot chocolate and cookies served by elves, sang Christmas carols and little ones received gifts from Santa.

Pre-boarding excitment

Off board into the very cold air

It was quite an extraordinary ride to nowhere. And interestingly, that day, Jazz had been telling me lots of Christmas stories about reindeer and Santa! Coincidentally, Mummy Hy told me about these stories too, which her 9 year old is still believing. Stories which in our country, don't practice these traditions. Simply, they're  beautiful white lies to convince little children that Reindeer, elves and Santa exist! I grinned and flowed along as Jazz told me about saving carrots for Santa's reindeer, making cookies and milk for Santa! 

I've once told her that Santa doesn't exist in real, but her peers have overtaken me. I couldn't believe my eyes when Js picked up their courage to tell Santa their wishlist after the train ride! Jazz loitered around Santa for a while, before she boldly stepped forward to tell him, "Santa, I want a toy for Christmas!" "What toy would you like?" said Santa, with those kind eyes. "I want a princess!" Santa looked up to her daddy, nodded his head and said, "I'll see what I can do." Jare did likewise, he told Santa that he wanted a dusty plane toy. I smiled at their faith and innocence, I couldn't bring myself to burst their bubble of fantasy.I just couldn't.

These imaginary and pretends can be really distressing. That's a lot of work parents need to follow up on. Putting the carrots out for reindeer, making cookies for Santa and ensuring that good evidence is left after the visit. I know it's ridiculously crazy! But somehow, it warms my heart to see that little faith in them. Their innocence, that genuine thought and that interesting childhood that's so different from mine. I am so going to play along! I know Christmas isn't all about these, it's about truth, love and celebrating the reason for the season. I've carefully done my part in reading the true Christ-mas story for Js and reminding them that it's the birth of Christ that we're celebrating for. 

This morning, with much beliefs in Jazz, she told me,"You know what, Mummy? I believe in Santa!" And guessed what went on? She wrote a letter to Santa!!! Next, I guess I'll have to mail it to the North pole. Someone give me Santa's address, please?!
Letter to Santa

It says, "Dear Santa, we are saving some carrots for your reindeer."

I just wonder how long will this magical story of reindeer and Santa stay in our household. It's a totally different environment when we get back. At least, it's a fun story we made this year. I love jotting this part of memory. On second thought, maybe Christmas is also interestingly, what being a parent is all about. I've gotten carrots, cookies, milk and their wish list all set! 

Parents, would you move along the imaginary story of Santa or would you knock fantasy out of their little minds? I'm so keen to know the different sides of truths and stories.

I'm lengthy because it's soon vacation time, time to be away from home and routines. There's just so much to share, but most importantly, Papa, mama and Js want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Take a sabbatical break from blogging, job and routine to bond with our loved ones. Wrap the year well, and stay bless with many good returns ahead!

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