Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ornament exchange

It's a Christmas tradition that I recently participated with my group of Bible study ladies, ornament exchange. I was caught for a little while. I knew what a gift exchange was, but never thought much about an ornament exchange. I wasn't too sure if I read the game right, I goggled and affirmed my doubt. It plays like a gift exchange, except that we exchange ornaments. Now I see light in the many interesting ornaments that are sold individually in stores.

 photo d868fef5-3c79-49e1-a0c7-33331e5eb5b6_zps183bf5a9.jpg
Ornaments prettily wrapped
The interesting part is, if you don't like the ornament you got, you can 'steal.' someone's else. Depending on the game master on how many times you can steal. Fun huh! I wasn't a stealer, I kept what I got. Gotten a set of ornaments in exchange for an ornament.

 photo 896806ae-530f-48ca-9c16-d9410bffbffa_zps38a07cf4.jpg
An ornament for ornaments
Consider doing an ornament exchange, it's fun! You'll realised how much more pretty ornaments out there. Each piece seemed good on your tree, even if there wasn't a theme.

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