Friday 13 December 2013

Little Gingerbread house

We did our little Gingerbread house, our first! Ok, we did it the cheat way. Bought a ready made set off the supermarket shelf. It was all so simple and fun. Great enjoyment we had! I did the really tough part, spread the icing, and Js decorated it their way.

Decorating Fun

As much as the kids, I enjoyed getting my hands embarked on this tiny project. Like a childhood dream fulfilled. I got questioned many times, while working on the project, "Can we eat the candies, please?" I firmly said 'No.' I fear we wouldn't stop eating, like how a buffet does to us. They all looked so candylicious. Now that I re-think about it, popping some candies is part of the fun. Perhaps, next year.


And here are two Js brought home from school. Made with graham crackers. Simply wonderful! 

Gingerbread houses

All 'houses' will sit prettily till the year crosses. In Singapore's environment, the 'houses' would probably be eaten up by ants or not able to withstand the humidity. Again, I say, we love the weather here! Next round, I promise, I'll try making one from zero.

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