Monday 22 September 2014

Cavalia - Checked!

My bugging son had been in pleas, asking us to do Cavalia. I never dared think or imagine, but prayed earnestly. We were so delighted that we finally made it to the show! Thanks and much appreciation to the kind people at Base entertainment and Cavalia.

 photo DSC02114-2_zps2e6a90eb.jpg
A wonderful performance!

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We all enjoyed the show tremendously!

Before watching the show, if you were to ask me what Cavalia is about, I would simply say, "HorsePlay!" Walking out of the show gave me great insights. That's of course, I need to have some takeaways other than horses. Cavalia is a differentiating mix of equestrian ballet and performing arts, acrobatics, dance and aerial stunts. Not to mention the multimedia, special effects and live music that complimented it to look beyond just impressive. I read that it uses 20 projectors, as powerful as those illuminating the grandest movie theaters to project the various breathtaking backdrops at the different segments. I was very much captivated at each transformed atmosphere, into the dream like and romantic.  

 photo img_2945_fabrice_gavaert_0_zpse650f023.jpg
Photo credit: Cavalia

The show unveiled its first scene with 2 white horses galloping magnificently onto the stage to greet us. "Wow, look at that!" was my exclaimed. I was embarrassingly excited like a child. As we watched on, we were entertained with both the slow moving and intensifying fast moving acts that sent us gritting our teeth and holding our breath for the performers. All was good of course. There were also parts where they blended some scenes with interesting humour.

 photo img_5647_fabrice_gavaert_0_zpsee2ad45b.jpg
Photo credit: Cavalia

 photo spp7459_timur_gafurov_0_zps81e7b63a.jpg
Photo credit: Cavalia

It was also through the show that we realised we are horse lovers! Their 50 horses, from a dozen of different breeds kept me euphoric throughout. Including a little 'foal' that made seconds of appearance. After which I realised it wasn't a foal, but an 8 hands tall, 15 years old miniature stallion! He was macho! The horses were very beautiful, well kept and well-trained. It expels a magical relationship between horses and men, the harmony and synergy they performed convinced me that these horses had been highly respected and well taken care throughout their performing and non-performing careers. Horse training is very much based on a philosophy of understanding the needs, preferences and emotions of these four legged stars.

 photo spp7679_timur_gafurov_0_zps2cf4905b.jpg
Photo credit: Cavalia

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Photo credit: Cavalia

Delightful, thrilling and poignant summarize Cavalia! The show has been extended to and must close on 05 October 2014, before it leaves our shores and gallops off to Seoul. Don't miss the final few shows, which will only be 14 shows left, after the just over F1 weekend. Schedule your date to catch this once in a life time production. I's not often that we have such a magnificent show in town! 

 photo DSC02131-1_zpsa3ced8bf.jpg
Couldn't dissuade the kids from getting those horsies
Be ready for an answer when your child asks to keep a horse as pet. I told mine, "I wish we could!"

Don't wait or hesitate further, I am getting tickets for my parents! In fact, if you reached deep into your pockets and realised you are on a tight budget, I think the furthest rows of seats away from stage, CAT 7 and 8 are good too. The show is located at an outdoor, white theatre tent. It may look like a circus from the outside, but inside, an air conditioned theatre with a 50 meters wide stage! Dress light though, I guess the air conditioning isn't as powerful when set up outdoor. More event details below.

Event Date:
Tue, 12 Aug - Sun, 5 Oct 2014
Tue - Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 12pm & 5.30pm
*Please note that there will be no performance 23 Sep 2014 and 5 October, 5.30pm.
Venue: Under the White Theatre Tent
Bayfront Ave next to Marina Bay Sands 
Ticket pricing: 
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Rendez-Vous VIP Premium: S$308
Redez-Vous VIP Silver: S$288
Horse Lover (First Row): S$248
Horse Lover: S$228
Category 5: S$188
Category 6: S$148
Category 7: S$118
Category 8: S$88
Partially Obstructed: S$58
Duration: 2 hours and 30mins (Inclusive of 30 mins intermission)
Purchase tickets at the Box office located on site:
SUNDAY: 10 AM - 8 PM

OR online at:

Discalimer: We were given tickets to the show for reviewing purpose. All opinions are solely ours, and all photos specified are credited to Cavalia. 

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