Monday 29 September 2014

Pizza making with Ricciottino

We had an afternoon of pizza making with Ricciottino!

Js had a doughy and cheesy filled time with making pizza. They went rolling over their dough, spreading tomato paste over and topping it off with that generous amount of cheese! This team of little budding chefs was led by Chef Gero, the executive chef of Ricciottino.

No idea why Daddy has that expression
Tomato paste
After flattening and filling the dough with paste and cheese, the pizzas were sent into the oven for bake. While waiting, they were very much entertained by a balloon sculptor. Lovely balloons she created.

While waiting
Not too long later, their pizzas were ready!

Ready pizza with Chef Gero
Their self made, thin crust pizza was very much to their liking! I couldn't believe they wolved down 3/4 of the whole pizza, while the man and I helped ourselves with the leftovers. Oh yes, they were deliciously edible despite some unsightly presentation. Yummy! I love thin crust pizzas. 

Hoping for an offer
They enjoyed, very contentedly their pizza making and savouring moments!

He says it all
Other than hands on fun and yummy pizzas for taste, the kids were presented with a certificate and brought home a little rolling pin as their souvenir. 

Ricciottino is a destination of choice for authentic and affordable Italian gourment food and pastries. For Piccolo chefs workshop, you may check into their facebook for more registration information.

Disclaimer: We were given the opportunity to attend this workshop with no fees involved. All opinions and photos are solely our own.

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