Friday 12 September 2014

We watched Bubble Magic!

With much anticipation, we finally caught the Bubble Magic show! It was a wonderful 2 men show, playing and 'experimenting' with bubbles, like there's no limit to discovery. Which after that session, Js would have probably realised there's so much to just bubbles. The show was designed to ignite imagination and brilliantly staged to blend the poetry of bubbles with elements of traditional clowning. It instilled a sense of childish wonder for all ages, we had a whole good session of laughing therapy. Till now, the loud infectious laughter of a child sitting behind us is still running in my mind. Such a joy!

On a deeper level, the show explored the change of prospective when the 2 characters work together, instead of in isolation, realising the benefits of team work. They worked with water, soap, tubes, circle and smoke machines. Blowing smoke into the bubbles, playing with lights, shadow, music and costumes is just too captivating for our eyes. Even more amazed to be surprised with fishbowl bubbles, bubbles on high wire and a moving train inside a bubble tunnel.

All these got me thinking real hard when Jazz asked to do bubble classes. Is there possibly one? Jare on the other hand was in deep concentration during the show, he was so seriously engrossed. To the extend, he looked like he's gonna be a future bubble-nist, if there's such an occupation.

 photo Clinc2_zps78e1c633.jpg

 photo photo1_zps848504b1.jpg

 photo Clinc9_zps77b35aaf.jpg

 photo Clinc8_zps55cf2cdd.jpg

There was no proper conversation throughout the show, it was communicated in gibberish or minion language, like what Js would say. So yeah, it's for anyone. No language barrier.

We enjoyed the show very much. It was even more evident when bathroom shower took longer than usual that day. Js experimented with bubbles.

The show is about 65 minutes, with no interval. A just nice duration. Bubble magic is running from now till 14 September. Do check tickets availability at sistic. If you've gotten the tickets, you're in for a great treat. If not, don't wait till it's too late. It's may be pricey, but a great watch and experience for our little ones. We don't deal and witness such exotic bubbles in our usual bathroom days.

Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the show. All opinions are solely ours. All photos are credited to Lunchbox Theatrical Production.

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