Tuesday, 29 October 2013


It's Autumn when you see those fallen oak leaves. Absolutely a beautiful sight when oak leaves are gathered on ground. Autumn days get colder, sky gets gloomier, sunlight hours get shorter and outdoor play gets lesser.

Then, awaiting Winter. It's our last Autumn here, and we decided to store some memories by playing with oak leaves. 

Loving the pictures we took!

 photo 555272b9-b080-4a59-9160-5e7cba4f5953_zpsae939a21.jpg
Lovely leaves
 photo DSC05825_zpsa6fa0fc1.jpg
Love this shot!
 photo DSC05821_zps619f4551.jpg
Enjoying leaves play
And having been through a year of four seasons, Summer is still the best month for everything!

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