Friday 28 September 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium

We visited the iconic place of Monterey - Monterey Bay Aquarium. The one thing that keeps both kids awake and interested are animals, whether above or under the sea, as long as they are moving! The aquarium is huge, with 2 levels of viewing fun and activities. What's considered a good place for me is when there's good cooperation of maximum walking from the kids.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
There are many activities for the kids and adults to be involved in. They had experiences from touching starfishes to sea urchins and hearing sounds of the whales and seals. I've also gained good knowledge about the sea mammal, whales. Their babies, calves drink and acquire their antibodies from breast milk too! Much more gallons than a human of course. 

This week had been much into whales. The kids did ocean themed storytelling in the library twice and have been learning to sing the popular children's song, "Baby Beluga". Which I have unknowingly started to hum at times. Beluga is simply referred as a white whale. Loving the song here - Baby Baluga. Mission of next week, to master this song with the kids! 
Octopus! My favourite sashimi.
Experiencing how a whale swims
Kiss goodbye to seal


Radial Symmetric life of a jellyfish
Love this colouful tank

It's good fun and knowledge gained from the aquarium. It felt as if we surfaced from under to above sea, without any diving equipment. I'm sure the kids had fun seeing the water animals!

After aquarium, it's dinner at Bubba Gump, an awesome meal! What impresses me was their dessert. All sooooo good! Will definitely be back. 

Bubba Gump - A shrimps lover place

Best of their 3 dessert

Getting on to singing "Baby Beluga".... what a nice song!

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