Thursday 9 January 2014

Royal Carribean Cruise - 16th to 21st Dec

Finally concluded our bout of travelling. After 21 days of a nomadic life, it sure is a blessing to be settling comfortably home, safe and sound. How did home get so warm each time we're back?!

Our tour adventure started with a 6 days Royal Carribean, Liberty of Seas cruise to Haiti and Jamaica. We took flight to where the cruise liner departed, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It always gives the best itinerary when food and leisure are sited near each other. It was also where I took chance to rejuvenate my body and mind. Indulged in my massage and manicure, while their awesome childcare service took over my kids. Both Js love spending moments in their childcare activities. Maybe a place that allows wives to deposit husbands would be ideal too.

Exciting sea journey

We did many cool stuff on board. The kids encountered their first ice-skating experience, soaked in Jacuzzi, watched the Dreamworks parade, did the YMCA dance, did a Michael Jackson quiz with us, watched a kids' puppet show, and were very much entertained by their acrobat show, Air, the musical, Saturday night fever and skaters on ice, Encore. Our highlight was experiencing all sorts of fun as a family. I've also watched how their concentration and patience grew in some activities and shows that did not draw their attention.

Tired mama brought Js to tour the rink

Jazz also decorated cupcakes at a workshop, which I really love her unassisted creation. Doing the ship, liberty of the seas also gave us opportunity to meet Dreamworks characters like the Madagascar pals, Kungfu panda, Shrek and Princess Fiona. So are you able to decipher her creation? 
Shrek and Princess Fiona cupcakes!

Crazy water fun!

Pools and water play area accepted only diaper free kids. I didn't think I was ever ready to toilet train Jare as we were always on the move, and his toilet frequency didn't seem ideal to me. This pool rule prompted me and inspired him to go diaper-less. For his water fun, he went off diaper, and he sounded his every intention to pee. It was also then, that I knew we were ready for fuss free training. And so, he is toilet trained now! Definitely a big milestone for us. Yay to diapers savings!

First port of call was Labedee, Haiti, where I did my ocean view massage. After which we had beach lunch and fun with the kids.

Soaking in ocean water

Second port of call was Falmouth, Jamaica. We signed up for a land excursion, which ended us on yet another beach. Nothing exciting we did, except to soak up more sun rays, got ourselves a few shades darker, and entertained ourselves with food, drinks and music. The man and I participated in some beach games to gain excitement out of our boredom. Won ourselves 2 mugs in a balloon tossing game.

Yet another beach fun

And of course, we love doing quality pictures. It became our nightly goal to visit different booths for different photo taking backdrops. It was lots of bribery to be done, to get cooperative kids.

White coded evening on board

We had a very good experience on board, I wished we had spent more days for such relaxation. Food was great and entertainment was awesome. Still, if I can say this, Disney cruise wins hands down. Royal Caribbean cruise is more adult centric, while Disney cruise is more child  appealing. And of course, it was much higher premium we paid for Disney.

Next part of our nomadic journey, we did Florida, Colorado, Utah and then back to California.

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