Saturday 11 January 2014

Denver, Colorado - 25th to 28th Dec

We spent Christmas night at Denver Botanic Gardens, where we enjoyed their special holiday event, Blossoms of light. The entire garden was beautifully and romantically draped with over a million of colourful lights, that transformed the entire place into a unique winter garden. A truly therapeutic and breathtaking sight for any visitors. 

That frigid night paired with those elegant glow, perfected a peaceful Christmas atmosphere. I concluded that we had Christmas in a winter wonderland this year! 

Absolutely beautiful!

Winter Wonderland
Tried doing some post Christmas outlet shopping the next day at Colorado Mills and Cherry Creek shopping center, but wasn't highly motivated to buy much, as sales didn't appeal to me. Both places were great to shop during winter, as they were sheltered indoor. Perfect hideouts from the freezing cold.

Having some days in Denver, we planned to visit its Children's Museum. It was crazy, creative and funny fun Js had. They did from role plays to experiments to exploration and to getting crafty. A pretty small museum, but with much fun packed within. It was an awesome place! They were very much entertained from pretending to be a fireman, to a veterinarian, to a chef, to a cashier and a shopper in the grocery store. I enjoyed every part of their play expressions. 

We made and launched paper rockets together, did some lessons on planets, made cars out of recycled scraps, doodled with paint, explored bubbles and played with trains and tracks. As a child, there is always something fun and exciting to do, I wished I was a child again. An enriching visit we had!

Pretend fireman

I see an animal saver in him!

I think I'm her inspiration
On the same night, we drove to the city hall and convention center for some great and interesting sights.

City hall of Denver - Beautiful Christmas lights!

Curious bear peeping
Had a good snowy white Christmas!

And we drove 5 hours to our next destination in Utah, Arches National Park.

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