Thursday 9 January 2014

Orlando - 21st to 25th Dec

Our cruise landed us back in Florida where we explored Orlando. We re-visited Universal Studio and Disney World, after a year. We're glad for the re-visit, but this round, had only planned for 2 days of theme park fun. 

We also spent a day in the Kennedy Space Center, where we had an incredible space learning adventure. We walked under the largest rocket ever made, saw an actual moon rock, experienced the International Space Station and stood face-to-face with the retired space shuttle, Atlantis. Just a pity that we couldn't make it in time for the 3D film.

Transportation used to travel on moon

Positioning in the cockpit of rocket, ready for launch!

The National treasure, Atlantis, which launched 33 successful missions to space and back, has now retired beautifully in the center. A magnificent exhibit, tilted at a certain angle for a spectacular viewing sight. 

Magnificent close up view of the Atlantis

And with kids, it definitely is a must to swing by the Angry Birds space encounter. A fun place where angry bird game came alive from our phone! Js were addicted to the catapult game of birds and pigs.

Enjoyed watching them play

As we ended our visit, Jazz told me, "Mummy, I want to be an Astronaut!" Oh well, it sure is a big interesting dream. It all begins with a dream.

That evening, we visited Ripleys, Believe it or not! Entered into a World of aberration, where we read and witnessed the World's craziest, fanciest, and most unbelievable events. Rare treasures, weird and unusual relics collections were also seen there. It kinda freaked me out when I saw an actual exhibit of a human shrunken head!

I touched! Lets wait for the myth to reveal.
A pair of statues before the entrance that 'warned' all ladies about fertility. It says, "Touch these statues if you want to get pregnant!" Isn't this the cheapest fertility treatment ever?!!

And gosh! Couldn't believe meeting such a tall man! Did he really, ever existed.

Barely at his waist
Interesting visit we had. Some things were extremely strange and weird, it frightened Js most times. Jazz kept bugging us to exit the uncanny house. At some points of our tour, I seemed to have lost boldness too! 

We had a great time in Orlando. I delighted in some slight shopping, and lost sanity to yet, another pair of lovely heels.

Next day, we spent Christmas on flight to Denver, Colorado, where our next league of National parks journey began...

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