Wednesday 29 January 2014

Home Game - Get it caught!

Getting hooked on game invention, my sweetie girl came to me with great excitement one afternoon. She explained her concept of a game, which she thought was the best game invention of the century. Imagine that excitement. Sometimes, I really dislike myself for not showing good hope in her beliefs and thoughts. My mind usually wonders away when she tries to unfold long stretch of stories, especially when I'm caught at an inappropriate moment. I went 'uh ah, ok, alright, oh," as she brought me through her invention. I nodded my head and looked impressed. After which, I said, "okay, let's put words into actions." Tried to shoo her away from what I was engaged in. Oops!

She invented a simple game which just needed:
  • recycle papers and 
  • glue
How to play:
She grabbed some used papers, left 1 piece uncut and cut the rest into quarters. Put some glue in the middle of that big uncut piece of paper, set her challenging distance, and started throwing the quarter of papers onto the big piece, aiming to get them caught by the glue. 

In midst of whatever I was working on, I got distracted by her interesting idea and joined in! Then, she realised once the first piece got aimed, she needed to put more glue on the top piece and on and on. She also realised, that paper, being extremely light weight moved slower with air. It swayed left, right, up and down, before deciding where to land. It wasn't an easy game, I found out. But, it was doable! 
Her challenging space

Not too bad of a fun invention from my 4 year old.

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