Sunday 12 January 2014

National Parks - 28th Dec to 5th Jan

Our bond with Mother nature began from Utah to California. We ambitiously covered 6 National Parks and 1 state park. The man is an extreme park and nature enthusiast, with him, all things are possible when it comes to admiring true natural beauty. As his companions, we gladly acted in accordance with his wishes. And I thought we had quite an intense itinerary of parks. Perhaps, any trip without shopping is just too tough for me. 

We set foot in a state park, Dead horse Point, and did the mighty five of Utah, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Our final destination was Death Valley. A morbid name given, but it really lived up to its name. It's a miracle we survived it. Haha.

After doing our second park, I told the man that, "Every parks looks the same, isn't it?" And that's what comes from one who doesn't much appreciate repeated nature. And so, if you've a tight itinerary, the worth are Arches, Canyonlands, Zion and Death Valley. My memorable takeaways were those snow caped layered rocks and beautiful arches. Each sediment layer seemed to have a story to unfold. The erosion process revealed much about the life journey of those weak and strong standing rocks throughout the seasons. Which in time to come, they all unite to form a magnificent natural structure. How wonderful Mother nature is!

Window arch in Arches

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands. Awesome!

For some reason, I'm very much in love with the arches nature had created. They were so alive to me.

Canyonlands - Looking like a chocolate layered cake with frosting

Zion - water streaming through the canyon. The zest of life!

One of Zion's highlight was the weeping rock. We were at its foot twice, and decided not to walk the trail as it was covered with ice and snow. We were not equipped to trek a trail under such condition, so we went away. On the second visit, the man again decided that we shouldn't risk this with Js. Curiosity took over me, I announced that I'll trek up solo. It's winter, I was overly eager to know if those tears have froze up. And so I said my last words and went up. A slip off the path wouldn't kill me, but perhaps seriously hurt. In any case, I came back unscathed, and a whole. While making my way back, I saw the man and Js gradually making their way up through a path that we didn't discover earlier on. It gave a safe short cut, avoiding the icy slippery path.

Anyways, the weeping rock was still weeping. No frozen tears, but was a great hike up. Overcoming challenging paths and obstacles as a family is definitely worth celebrating victory aloud.

Our victory to weeping rock
Last destination, Death Valley! We did 2 full days here and it gets really drained. I'm not whining, I know it had been a very blessed trip. My personal favourite was the Mosaic canyon, where the marbled canyon gets narrower as you enter. The climbing, crawling and ducking made our trail beyond the ordinary. Js enjoyed it very much too!

Mosaic Canyon
Being at some of its parts in DV, it kind of relates to being deserted in the dessert. The wilderness and bareness of this dessert gives the total opposite of urbanization. The best time of Death Valley is also in the night. You get one of the darkest night sky when city lights are being blocked out by the mountains, which means another great opportunity for us to stand in awe, beneath the very starry night sky. We even caught some meteor shower!

On our last day, we visited the ghost town, Ballarat. It sent chills straight to my bones! Hardly any souls around, we made a quick tour and drove out. Then a 6 hours drive to home! I thought it was the most exciting part of our journey, after a 21 days of travel.

Deserted house
It had been a very rewarding trip for us. We travelled this trip light, brought no stroller or carrier. And both Js gladly made good used of their walking feet, even when I was shopping the whole day! Jazz had all our praises for being on her feet, even at tired moments. Though Jare was still needy with naps and wanting to be carried sometimes, I was glad that they were short or at appropriate moments. I felt like I've graduated from this part of kola parenting! All of a sudden, I feel the need to carry them more, before they outgrow my arms! Revelation revealed from this trip.

Well, thank God for yet another safe and blessed journey. I'm also thankful for my man whom in my eyes, is the best trip planner and advisor ever! He seeks the best deals and plans the best itinerary without comprising on our comfort. I thought I could do these, but he has shown me that it's an art and talent to work on such a comprehensive vacation. Thanks baby!

Memories storing complete! Life's back to routines and duties...

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