Friday 17 January 2014

The man's 35th

The man grew into another year of maturity, on the 11th. My hunt for the best tasting cake was still of no avail, or rather, I made up a good excuse to self bake one. Searched high and low, deep and wide for an interesting recipe that didn't need any frosting. It was quite a cheat, but a great savior. I dished him a banana split cake, in a trifle bowl. This monkey loves bananas, I supposed it pleased him and the kids well. I shall share the recipe in another post.

With minimal assistance, Jazz designed and did a card for him. Jare contributed by doing some cutting, making it a joint effort. This family sure got busy for the man's big day.
Oops, did I reveal his golden age?!!
It was a simple affair we had. Cake, candles, party hats which Jazz dug out, and a meal out, where he ate like a king. Delighted ourselves in a spread of succulent lobster and well aged beef. It was undoubtedly a delicious and sumptuous meal, for the longest time ever. I confess my home made meals can be quite a bore. 
Dish named: King's meal

With very filled tummies, we headed home for the official ceremony. As usual, candles were blown out by the fastest breath of air, the Js. 

Happy Birthday, Big Baby!

Good smacking kisses on his cheeks

And interestingly, that evening, I couldn't believe bringing ourselves into a restaurant with a disclaimer like this:

Rather upset seeing this
The only saving grace was their great tasting food, which we strongly wanted to try because of its positive reviews. We were even asked if we're alright with this policy before being seated. I felt a tad sense of anger and disgust. My motherly status being was being challenged! Wouldn't such a disclaimer upset any parents, whether they are good or bad parents? Or was it just me? We know babies and toddlers aren't exactly easy when it comes to fine dining. I kept my fingers very crossed throughout the rather constrained meal. The best I could be was a responsible parent.

In any case, we survived the meal peacefully. Jazz got really sensible when she read the print. Jare made it an easy meal for us too. They knew it was Daddy's big day! With that, it made our day wonderful!

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