Wednesday 12 November 2014

10 lessons we learn from a kite

After our planes viewing session last weekend, we made our way to Marina Barrage. A great place for outdoor activities. And there, we officiated the opening ceremony of our kite. Kite flying can be done on its roof and though it can get a tad crowded on weekends, you'll still find some space to take flight. 

And you'll know why everyone crowds there for this recreational activity near evening to sunset - Because the view is simply breathtaking!

 photo d2d0edd2-812c-4970-9c74-6f25ddbfc387_zps9d4e8391.jpg
Therapeutic view!

Kite flying isn't as boring as anyone thinks, it's very tactical and many lessons to learn from it. I brought home much thoughts that evening:

1. We know parenting is very much like flying a kite at times, we sing "Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore." We know when the wind is in favour, it's an opportunity to soar. It will be best to control the string with released tension. Just like the restrictions we impose on our kids. The more 'don'ts' imposed, the more they struggle with opportunities and sometimes lose their chance to excel. Freedom comes with responsibility, and with no freedom, there's little chance to teach or exercise responsibility. So parents, be an opportunist, let it go when the it's the right time.

 photo 75c23eb7-a2bf-4c37-8aa3-53027b3efeb8_zps45367ea0.jpg
Let it go!

2. On the contrary, be careful in giving too much freedom. You might lose the kite, get it caught in a tree or send it crashing down. Find the right balance in the string. An environment of threats is where we need to be cautious and pull back a little. Safe environment is where we could go up up and be away. There are always values to be learned from every experience.

3. Receiving advice and help. Parenting is sometimes filled with pride, with us refusing to take heed of good advices. It's true when we say, it takes a village to raise a child. It was coincidental that I bumped into a friend that day. She saw how we struggled and asked us to release more of the string, just so it could take flight. Ahh, so we were trying to keep it close when we should not. We know in times of need, God sends the right people, at the right time, just to save the day. Be open.

4. Space and boundary. We know how kites get all tangled up when they get too close each other. Sometimes, humans are reflected in this manner too. We test the boundaries, and it snaps when we overstep. The more we try to get close at a wrong time, conflicts and arguments surface. Know the boundary of space. Big people and little people need their bubble.

5. We are no experts in kite flying, we just kept trying. It became our humble achievement when the kite took flight for more than 30 seconds. Which to us, parents have exemplified on the value of trying and persevering. It was embarrassing when the kids caught me giving up.

6. When anyone in the family is not emotionally good, set a time to fly the kite together. It's amazing how kite flying dissolves worries and troubles, which in exchange gives us that sense of peace amidst our hectic schedules.

7. Good kite, bad kite, cheap kite or expensive kite, a kite that flies up gloriously is eventually a good kite. Don't look at its appearance, look at the skill set. We love our minion kite though.

8. Different kites, different pace and different heights. It's not about competition, it's about not being all alone up there.

 photo 8b52bb95-2220-454a-9471-3744529fc820_zps09aa487d.jpg
Not looking too lonely

9. When your child wants a hand in it, don't say, "you're too little." It's our opportunity to teach a skill. Whatever the age, we never know what they're absorbing.

 photo 29c79466-7fd6-42b8-b28f-3212a04d23c5_zps4a6dc3aa.jpg
He's sure excited to try

10. I left this last one for the man. He concluded, "Keep trying and enjoy the moment with the kids. It was satisfying to see the joy and cheers from them when the kite finally flew high up. And of course, when there is no wind, the kite will not fly no matter how we hard try. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity 万事具备只差东风"

Now we know, when someone says 'go fly kite', we know he means well.

As the year draws near to a close. There are goals that we are fighting and thriving for. Giving up may be an easy way out, but we know it's unsatisfying. Try flying a kite and come back to our goals. Take our dreams to new heights and soar! 


  1. Nice kite! Kite flying is really not an easy task. Takes tons of patience and trials. It is very fulfilling when the kite is finally high up in the sky.

  2. Hi Join, indeed! It's feels so accomplished to get it up on our own effort.


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