Monday 10 November 2014

Belly view of planes

Sometimes, the perfect weekend would be to go slow with no planned agenda within. We just snailed by an unusual weekend where we could really plan our day by ear.

We did planes viewing! Activity that helps slow life down a little, setting you to deep thoughts about appreciating the value of family and bonding. It takes no mega event or big crowd for fun, simplicity is good.

We drove to Changi beach park (Carpark 7) to catch sight of landing planes. Though Jazz seemed to have outgrown this simple form of entertainment since our last visit, I'm glad that Jare was evidently enjoying it. He was really excited over the planes that flew above and past us. Quite a gigantic view too, as it nears. So yeap, while they are still young!

 photo a6146aa6-9636-4da1-b2cf-ff46f54d9489_zpsda0d62bc.jpg
Our local pride - SIA

You may bring your scooters or bicycles to ride along with the breathtaking view too. Evening time would definitely be most perfect. Since we stepped into the month of November, considering the seasonal wind change, we thought landing view would be caught at Changi Business Park, but nah, we caught nothing much there. We zoomed over to Changi Beach Park.

I feel that landing view is more breathtaking than taking off, maybe factoring in the feel of homecoming. It gives an awesome belly view.

 photo 152d831a-4de5-460b-953b-019fcde41476_zps294ccc43.jpg
Popping from our car roof to view

A simple and costless activity that got the kids well-entertained. If weather permits, I think it's really cool to just sit by, watch planes come in and enjoy that drink in hand. We'll definitely be back with our scooters and perhaps, some snacks and drinks too!

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