Tuesday 18 November 2014

Gifts to gift for the season!

While Christmas creeps nearer, have you got the gifts ready for this season of love? We've got some favourite items for gift, or if not, you may even consider them for birthdays too. Since our days in the states, we've been great fans of Amazon. For its convenience, price and variety, it has it all. We were more than exhilarated when it started shipping to SG. Though some items are not available to SG, I think it's good enough this far.

I love putting great thoughts when we come to gifts. As much as possible, I do hope to get the most perfect gifts for our friends' kids and hopefully, parents will enjoy it too. We've crafted out our top favourites based on Amazon, from varying budget range, for ages 2 to 12 years old kids. And of course, they ship to SG too. However, it's sometimes a trial and error to double confirm its shipping to SG. Some days it states that the item ships to SG, but when I checkout my cart, it states otherwise. Prices fluctuate along at different days too, gotta monitor like the stock market. Nonetheless, have fun shopping!

Crafty Fun
Photo credit: Amazon
1. Melissa and Doug triangular crayons. USD 5.99 on Amazon. It's for any kids who love doodling or drawing. We are loving these crayons because they are triangular, which means they don't roll off the table easily. Oh yes, I won't have to do that up and down bends and twists to pick fallen crayons when we bring them out. Good for plane ride or when waiting for food in restaurants or food court.

Photo credit: Amazon
2. Melissa and Doug dinosaur figurines. USD 7.99 on Amazon. It states suitable for ages 8 and above, but I think it boils down to the level of perfection parents can accept on that art piece. They carry other paint figurines too.

Photo credit: Amazon
3. Melissa and Doug lace and trace pets. USD 9.89 on Amazon. Suitable for 2 years old to 5. Like it that it promotes fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination for the really young children. Can always easily pick one thread and card for on-the-go.

Photo credit: Amazon
4. Melissa and Doug Animal stamp set. USD 14.99 on Amazon . It states for ages 4+ up, but I think 2.5 years old and above will enjoy some creativity out of it. It's endless creativity out of the set. There are different stamp themes too. 

Realised I'm quite a Melissa and Doug fan. Well, that's because they make one of the finest quality toys around.

Creative and educational Fun
Little kids are filled with creativity. It's about giving them plenty of room to free play. Love it when we blend creativity and educational games/toys with fun.

Photo credit: Amazon
5. Melissa and doug color-n-carry. USD 4.99 on Amazon. Suitable for ages 5 and above, but if your child knows slight reading and writing before that, then it's very much alright. It comes with 6 markers and pages of puzzles and games. We bring it out often for Js, who have ants in their pants when waiting for meals to be served at restaurants or food court. It's very portable and entertains the kids anywhere and anytime. Good for plane rides too. They have a wide range of selection for children below the ages of 5.

Photo credit: Amazon
6. Melissa and Doug bead set. USD 9.27 on Amazon. It states for ages 4 and up, but 3 years old is good. These bead sets are too lovely, it will definitely capture the hearts of our sweet young girls. Watch them create beautiful bracelets and necklaces out of it. Great for motor skills, hand and eye coordination. After which, just keep everything in a ziploc bag for the next play. 

Photo credit: Amazon
7. Boogie Board. USD 28.75 on Amazon. Price varies for different colours. It's for anyone who loves to doodle! Js have one each and we use it very often for on-the-go or when Jazz asks me on spelling certain words, I prefer writing it on here. Else most times, I'll probably have to repeat up to 5 times verbally on how to spell a word. It's very easy to use, doodle and erase!

Photo credit: Amazon
8. Magformers rainbow 30 pcs set. USD 40.37 on Amazon. Its states suitable for ages 6 and up. But Jare had fun with this when he was 2! There's no permanent form for these magnets, the kids can create whatever they like with it. I like it that it boosts creativity and for it being magnetic, it's clean and mess free with no loose pieces lying around.

Jare with his Magna-Tiles
9.  Magna-Tiles clear color 32 Piece set. USD 51.50 on Amazon. Suitable for ages 3 and up. We got the 100 piece set for Js and they really love it. They would build farm, zoo, carpark, airport, rocket and whatever they could think out of it. You know it's well worth fun when they play it frequently.

We love games that build family bonding. Having some games home will always be needy for the rainy days ahead, when we need indoor activities. If a game's for 2 players, we can always do teams. A game for 4 or more is where everyone gets to play. Always a win when great bonding is achieved. 

Photo credit: Amazon
10. Rory's Story cubes by Gamewright. USD 6.84 on amazon. It states for ages 8 and up, but I feel there no limit to imagination. We just added this to our shopping cart, and we're waiting excitedly for its arrival. It goes somewhat like throwing the cubes and link up a story with the pictures on the cubes. We'll be in for a crazy storytelling time. Let those imagination run wild!

Photo credit: Amazon
11. Spot it by Blue Orange! USD 11.17 on Amazon. It states for ages 7 and up, but Jare is playing it very well at 4. A really easy game about spotting same object with another card. Fast to spot is the simple strategy.

Photo credit: Amazon
12.  Monopoly junior by Hasbro. USD 11.88 on Amazon. It states ages 5 and above, but Jare is playing it relatively well at 4 too! We own the version by Parker Brothers, but that doesn't ship to SG for free. I guess this works the same and yeap, there's lots of fun during family game time. Lots of little strategy we can teach from here, savings and investment!

Photo credit: Amazon
13. Hedbanz by Spin master games. USD 11.99 on Amazon. It states suitable for ages 7 and up, but I think 4 and above would play it relatively well. Players take turns asking 'yes' or 'no' questions about the picture on their headband, which they won't know. First player who guess it, wins! They have the limited edition bonus board game, which comes with more card pictures. 

Photo credit: Amazon
14. Candy Land by Hasbro. USD 12.99 on Amazon. It states for ages 3 and above, but Jare started it at 2.5 years old, when he had it as a gift. This is Jare's first board game. We love it for being simple and easy for the really young ones, with no complicated rules or instructions to adhere to.

Photo credit: Amazon
15. Big boogle by winning moves. USD 13.99 on amazon. It states suitable for ages 8 and up, but I think even if your child can spell some simple words like cat or dog, it's a good game. A thinking and concentrate game which we like.

Photo credit: Amazon
16. Blokus by Mattel. USD 35.63 on Amazon. Suitable for ages 5 and up. It's a really fun game about thinking and strategizing. Conquer the play board with the most of your colour, you win. I love playing this with the man. It's about time to rope the kids in for battle.

We love funny books. As much as parents would buy books with great moral for their kids, leave the really hilarious for friends to gift!

The day the crayons quit

17. The day the crayons quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers . USD 10.75 on Amazon. This book gives kids great insight to look at crayons differently. Js enjoy it very much, especially when we came to the colour beige. It's rather wordy, either parent read for the child or if your child can read, he'll be able to handle the book himself. Only thing is, if you don't mind the US way of spelling colour as color and grey as gray.

Book synopsis: "Poor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: We quit! Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to brown. Blue needs a break from coloring all that water, while pink just wants to be used. Green has no complaints, but orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to each other."

Photo credit: Amazon
18. The Book with No pictures by B.J. Novak. USD 10.79 on Amazon. This is a hybrid, I say this because it's of good suit for both parents and children. It takes an adult to read this, and for sure, it's gona make any grown up look silly! At that expense, it will definitely make any kid laugh. After all, it's alright to sound and look silly aside our serious mood. Everyone needs some laughter!

Photo credit: Amazon

19. Press here by Herve Tullet. USD 12.32 on Amazon. This is a really fun book for little ones, which might send them into stitches. More for the ages between 2 to 7. You have to watch the video to know why it's funny! Jazz read it to her Daddy.

The following is not from Amazon, but I think it makes an interesting gift for this season too!

Gingerbread house kit
20. Gingerbread house kit. SGD 23.90 from our local supermarket, NTUC. This will be a great time of family fun, for parents and little ones to build a sweet house. I'll never forget the wonderful moments we created when we did our gingerbread house last year.

I hope these are some great gift ideas for you. Oh, Lego make great gifts too, if only Amazon would ship them here. Nonetheless, can always get them in stores. In whatever hunt and journey you went through for sourcing gift, the best gift is probably the thoughts behind that gift. Have fun shopping!

To my friends' kids, you could probably guess what's coming up from us during this season. 

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