Tuesday 25 November 2014

Legoland resort hotel (II)

We knew the Legoland hotel was a 'must-stay'. For the elements of fun, excitement and comfort, we needed a night there. It's true, you'll find it tough to peel your kids away from the hotel. I was very much unwilling to bid it farewell too.

We paid about MYR 965 per night, pricey but worth the stay. The hotel had many children activities at its lobby and it was most nice to be able to wash up at the comfort of a hotel room after water play. There were 3 room themes - Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate. We chose the Pirate room and were very much wow-ed by everything the moment we stepped in. From carpet to walls, everything impressed.

Oh, remember to get groovy when you step into their disco elevators! 

 photo deb373bf-7eb1-4783-85f1-c02f82161feb_zps3718c6c6.jpg
Love the details in the carpet

 photo c0f18d12-f1a3-4447-ac53-79a7a45aeef3_zps06251e38.jpg
The bunk bed

 photo 9819d1bb-c094-47e2-8a9a-56b22bb8da96_zps831090b5.jpg
Js favourite area, their personal TV!!

 photo fee34f05-aa4a-4e60-91de-d94098c13a23_zpsd3e28776.jpg
Mesmerized by the deco

 photo aabdf06b-e2d9-493a-ba9a-fa2a53d5e540_zps7a8131e2.jpg
The king's bed

 photo d1cb27a1-1681-40b8-9c37-6ddee49bac07_zps813a78bb.jpg
The treasure hunt

I was thrilled and Js were more happy than anyone. The premium room we booked was huge, it can sleep 5 adults comfortably. The room was partitioned into 2, one side the bunk bed with a pull out and the other a king sized bed. We shared the bunk bed with the kids. Just be cautious when you rise and shine at the lower deck. You might bump the bed's roof.

There was a welcoming game in the room. A treasure clue sheet which requires you to solve in order to unlock the treasure chest. We solved the mystery and the kids were overjoyed to receive their surprise treats. The room itself had endless entertainment. There was also a box of duplo for play.

 photo 49965143-df90-42d5-93a3-2063d8ea1706_zpsdf2b1ada.jpg
Lovely treats

The room came with 2 TVs which receive good reception of local channels. The kids were on a cartoon buffet and my parents were on their channel. No disputes. There was also in room wi-fi, but you will need to tolerate its snail moving speed. Bathroom was also well equipped with 2 basins (lower level for kids), dental kits, vanity kit, shower cap, comb, shaver, shampoo and body wash. There were cookies, coffee sachets and mineral water too. We were pampered!
Next morning, we reported for our complimentary breakfast at 8:30am. There was a swelling crowd at the breakfast venue and we waited for about 10 minutes before being called in for a ready table. Breakfast was international buffet with a good variety of food. Asian spread was very good too. Just that they were constantly running out of cups at our point of visit. Taste wise, feels average to me.

 photo c72061d2-c685-4608-a6b3-e25c967e54ea_zpsef63a824.jpg
Breakfast venue

 photo ab7d1f92-614b-4b77-b152-cfe1e709d810_zps34fed38f.jpg
Nice lego model!

You'll probably spend some good time in the breakfast venue because of its spread. After a sumptuous 'take our time' breakfast, we headed out for theme park fun.  

And that share in final installment...

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