Saturday 22 November 2014

Get dreamy with Sofzsleep

Having a good night sleep is the best gift any babies or toddlers can present to their parents daily. I'm blessed to have Js sleeping independently and habitually on time, at least for weekdays. A matter of fact, I'm a stay home Mum with an everyday goal of sending them into dreamland no later than 9. All so that I can put those legs up and pop the champagne to celebrate 'me time.'

To achieve that, I'm committed to give them the best sleeping environment, just so that I don't have to entertain excuses on uncomfy bedding which might lead to extended bedtime. After all, a good sleep is the best booster to our everyday activities, a well rested body is essential for anyone's learning and immunity system.

Talking about pillows today - the roles of a good pillow is essential for our little ones. It's more than just having good dreams. Jare often gets stuffy nose during sleep, usually due to cold. A good pillow allows his head to be elevated to ease breathing and respiration difficulties from blocked nose. At least he'll stop waking up to fuss over stuffy nose.

We came to know about Sofzsleep, and found him the perfect pillow! When we first received it, I fell in love with it's firmness, height and structure. All too well thought and designed for little children. Upon receiving, I got him to test some chemistry between the pillow and him. This was the sign I received:

 photo 0928a969-d6f0-4648-9e2f-835e7b5e4805_zps2f7cfc6a.jpg
Ahh... comfy!

and within the next 10 minutes, he fell asleep. His sleep position was as authentic as it was. I didn't move him, though I suspected some soothing music coming out from that pillow.

 photo DSC09788_zps2d5e9f39.jpg
In deep sleep

Sofzsleep's pillows are no ordinary, nah, not any music. They are quality pillows made from natural latex, designed to give maximum comfort and rest. Don't belittle the role of a pillow, comfortable ones give you a restful sleep with you waking up to an energized day. Terrible ones will probably send you nightmares. Choose one wisely, based on your personal preference.

Here are some good features about their pillows:

Excellent Support: Supports the head and neck in a natural spinal alignment and reduces pressure points by adjusting itself as we move throughout the night. I like its perfect measure of elevation, just nice for Jare's build and his stuffy nose.

Durable: Retains its shape for many years and does not require fluffing before use. It's snugly firm and bounces back when pressed. I believe this will also stand through the times of his pillow fights. Anything for kids has to come durable.

Hygienic: Naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. Perfect for allergies prone kids. I get comforted that his head and hair is sleeping comfortably clean. I don't have to worry about what's accumulating within his pillow.

Temperature regulation: The open cell structure of the latex offer good ventilation and guarantee good moisture regulation. I love this feature because Jare perspires to sleep on some nights, when he's overly active and the air con can't cool him down in time. Highly suitable for our weather too.

Natural Bamboo cover: The outer Bamboo cover has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and excellent permeability. You can use the pillow instantly after removing it's packaging, but I used a pillow case over to protect the all white bamboo cover. More for aesthetic too.

These features make their pillows very ideal for young children. Their junior pillows are available in two sizes, S and M. S is recommended for toddlers between 2 to 5 years old and M for 5 years old and above. I got S for Jare, which he whined that it was too small, he still secured his good sleep though. It became evident to me that little kids have their personal preference on pillows too!

Sofzsleep carry a wide range of adults and kids mattresses, as well as bedding accessories. Check them out for your needs and preferences. You can also follow them on Instagram (@sofzsleep). Here's a good deal if you're keen, readers of Mum's calling are entitled to a 15% discount off any product during the promotional period between 22 Nov 2014 to 04 Jan 2015.

To get a 15% discount. Quote Mum's calling:
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Oh wait... don't leave yet. We have a giveaway! The nice people in Sofzsleep are giving away 2 junior pillows (M size) to 2 lucky readers of Mum's calling (Worth $57.90 each!). To participate, simply accomplish the following 3 steps:
3. Leave me a comment on this blog post below, tell me one good feature about Sofzsleep pillow. Do remember to leave your Facebook account name and email.

Yeap, just 3 simple steps to qualify!

And of course, if you know of any friends who are in that high and low search for quality bedding, feel free to share this dreamy post with them! Click [share on Facebook] at the end of this post.

Terms and Conditions:
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  • Open to Singapore residents only 
  • Winner will be contacted using the contact particulars provided when entering this draw
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  • To be fair to our sponsors, please note that all fake Facebook accounts (eg. accounts set up purely to take part in contests with no or very few real friends) will also be ineligible to win."

Disclaimer: We were given a junior pillow for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions and photos are solely ours.


  1. Excellent Support!

  2. Durable.
    Leong Yee Ming

  3. Temperature regulation
    Jingxian liang

  4. Hygienic!
    Gan Say Bin

  5. natural bamboo cover
    jaime chan

  6. Excellent support for children's young spinal cord is most important factor for me.
    FB name: carol Mei Mei lm

  7. Excellent Support, this is very crucial for growing kids!
    FB: Lorna Tan

  8. Excellent support!
    Rachael Joel-Tan

  9. Excellent support.
    Robert Sim

  10. Excellent support!
    Evelyn Hu

  11. I like that it provides excellent support.
    Jolin Poon

  12. It offers good ventilation and guarantee good moisture regulation.
    FB: Yu Meiyi

  13. It provides excellent support which doesn't come with the other usual pillows.
    fb: Chuyan Kwek

  14. guarantee good moisture regulation
    FB: Belinda Lim

  15. Not getting the sleep you need can influence a variety of parts of your life. Due to this, it is vital to know how to get a decent night sleep. One of the best things that you can do to get the sleep you need and need is to loosen up before bed.

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  17. Bought this pillow yesterday. I used to change a lot pillow, no matter how many I changed, I always have stiffed neck n upper back discomfort. But after I changed to sofzsleep for just the first night, I didn’t wake up at night n GUESS WAT!!! I overslept in morning

  18. Hello
    As pretty as this pillow is, it is so much more special since it has memories attached to it. Finding a way to use something like your blanket is much better than letting it sit in a closet or drawer. I think your pillow is a perfect ..

  19. Excellent Support, this is very crucial for growing kids!
    FB: Lorna Tan


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