Thursday 27 November 2014

Legoland Theme park (III)

The theme park was definitely our highlight. Every single person in our family, from the youngest to the oldest enjoyed different portions of play. There were 5 areas of theme fun - Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Land of adventure and Lego City. The wise choice to begin play with a child below 100cm is to go right once you entered from the entrance. That's where Jareth could get on most rides. We began from the left and it kinda dampened his mood a little when he couldn't get on the rides.... till we discovered further, he became a happy boy again.

We entered the park at about 10:30am and left at 6:30pm. Hotel guests do get time privilege to enter the park earlier. It wasn't crowded, so whatever time was perfect for us. We had a good amount of well-paced time in there. Most rides were tagged with quick or no queues, and this was definitely a bonus. Much time saved! We thought of our theme park days in California where most time was spent in queues, and we had to strategically plan our day to maximize our time in there. It was the total opposite in here. Nice to be strolling at a relaxed pace.

These are the rides in the different theme areas. About 10 rides for Jare and Jazz could get on most, except Dino Island - A steep log ride down into splashing water. In the order of left to right when entered:

Lego Technic
  • Technic Twister (Min 110cm with an accompanying chaperone)
  • Aquazone Wave racers (Min 100cm with an accompanying chaperone)
  • Project X (Min 110cm with an accompanying chaperone)

 photo a179d5a1-4d57-41f5-8dce-8e1a311c6429_zpsedacef6c.jpg
Project X - These kids are thrill seekers!

Lego Kingdoms
  • Dragon's Apprentice (Min 100cm with accompanying chaperone)
  • The Dragon (Min 100cm with accompanying chaperone)
  • Royal Joust (Min 92cm and 4 to 12 years old)
  • Merlin's challenge (Min 100cm with accompanying chaperone)

 photo c4c37cc3-7fd9-4d0c-8822-859c1fa599c3_zps14bde0c2.jpg
Royal Joust. He went thrice on it!

Jazz commands our salute whenever it comes to adventurous rides. She is one true thrill seeker when it comes to roller coasters. She went on the Dragon thrice! First with Daddy, second with Mummy and third time with Grandpa! Surprised that my Dad took on her challenge.

Kid Power Towers (100cm with accompanying chaperone)
Duplo Express (Min 100cm)
Observation tower (above 1 year old)

We missed out most fun here, not because we ran out of time. We just conveniently walked past and decided not to turn back. We tried catching a 3D show at the Lego studios, but it didn't run due to technical fault. 

Land of Adventure
  • Lost kingdom adventure (Min 80cm with accompanying chaperone)
  • Beetle Bounce (Min 90cm with accompanying chaperone)
  • Dino island (Min 120cm with accompanying chaperone)

 photo 99b11544-4e53-4a13-a41a-55bb11ea57cd_zps7c604c00.jpg
Beetle bounce
Beetle bounce was probably my most memorable ride. We went on it thrice! It ain't exciting or adventurous like any roller coaster, but because my sunny boy broke into laughter throughout the ride, when it challenged gravity! It gave him an intriguing feel. According to him, it sent his tummy rumbling. Somehow, that became my happiest moment of the day. We know it's quality fun at the sight and sound of our kids' laughter.

Lego City
  • Lego Rescue academy (Min 90cm with accompanying chaperone)
  • Lego City Airport (Min 80cm)
  • Boating school (Below 120cm needs to be accompanied by chaperone)
  • Driving school (6 to 12 years old)
  • Junior driving school (3 to 5 years old)
  • Legoland express (Below 110cm needs to be accompanied by chaperone)

 photo 2fb64da1-a2e5-4aac-8121-34aa5c3f7ca4_zps053fa439.jpg
Lego rescue academy which got my parents excited!

 photo 0554f230-dcab-46be-95ef-b0b4c127faaa_zps4a438400.jpg
Lego city airport
 photo 1c77518e-a051-4671-ab53-1aef32097ab7_zps351ef218.jpg
Boating school

So yeap, there was still fairly some rides for the little boy. And it was evident that some rides had no queues, so that explained our repetitive adventure. 

We then spent some time at the Miniland, where you see how some Asian countries were brilliantly and creatively built up with Lego! It was definitely nice to be visiting Malaysia's Legoland while all are still new. I recalled the ones we visited in San Diego were fading out from the constant sun rays. The builds and figurines were discoloured, while these are still fresh looking.

 photo f1794109-2ad0-4c1f-8f10-59481de689b8_zps0a548631.jpg
Aren't they looking so real?!!!
 photo 6d24e950-a20f-4759-a7cf-51bb3e66ce4e_zps1d6c3d73.jpg
A familiar miniland. Welcome to Singapore!

And of course, if you are the hard core star wars fan, you must not miss the Stars wars miniland. All to impressive! One thing about Lego, they aren't just good on the exterior, they look into the core  details. We've a few comprehensive Lego sets at home, and we know it's lots of work inside to fix up one.  

When Legoland first opened its doors, friends who have visited would talk about how hot and humid it was to journey through fun. No doubt, we got back in 2 or 3 shades darker, but we were blessed that it wasn't scorching hot. Weather was threatening with gloomy skies which held up for us, and this made it really comfortable to explore around. I think Legoland heard you, Star wars miniland is a whole new indoor experience that's fully air conditioned! Great place to hideout from the heat. 

The exhibit is made up of seven rooms each depicting scenes from each Star Wars movie, in chronological order. First room is based on episode one (The Phantom Menace), second room on second episode (Attack of the clones) and it goes on to episode six. The attraction impressively features more than 2000 Lego models. Keeping your eyes really occupied in there.

 photo fa30b87f-fa54-43b5-a2d4-26742f9ed20b_zps87d4fcf5.jpg
Star wars miniland
 photo 27499aaf-e4c7-475b-a4c5-a90e10dfde4d_zps767a8c70.jpg
Met Darth Vader

It wasn't many characters that we met in there. Darth Vader was the first we saw, and glad to have caught him for a picture.

There were many other indoor play areas to hide out from the heat or rain. Consider having some Lego play at the build and test station or play time at the indoor playground, Pharoah's revenge. For this coming season, we entered the newly enhanced city stage found in the city area. This fully air-conditioned attraction is created to entertain visitors with shows and musicals. That's where we caught the musical, "When Santa got stuck up in the chimney!" Just a tad sad that Santa didn't make an appearance eventually. Still a great show though. About 20 mins I think.

Show times as follows: 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 6pm 

 photo 9e144a4b-75ba-4087-9475-65fe58a467bc_zpsdd0f8a9e.jpg
Casts from "When Santa got stuck up in the chimney!"

There's also a Medieval musical show from 24th Nov 14 to 04 Jan 15 at Castle stage, Lego Kingdom. A pity we were there too early, they have not staged this. Should be engaging though.

There were a couple of restaurants within the theme park. We had lunch at pizza Mania, but nothing tasty about it. That was also where we caught the Musical quartet street entertainment at 2pm, singers who will sing upon your request if they come by your table. I pre-warn you, they are multilingual, and can sing upon your song request! 

Schedule for Musical quartet as follow:
12:30pm: Market restaurant at Lego city
2pm: Pizza Mania at Imagination
4pm: The cafe at the beginning
5:30pm: At the beginning

Truly, it was a fun filled day in the park. We have worked hard and its only fair that we played hard too. Our times at theme parks never fail to exhaust us, but it was a worthy exchange. You know what's the best? Being able to get on rides and rides we love without joining any long lines. It's a pain to stay in line. Visit Disneyland and you'll know.

At the end of all fun, the kids accomplished much joy and even got their imaginary 'license' to drive a car, steer a boat and fly a jet. Sure memorable for them, I hope! It won't be anytime near that we'll visit again. The man says pricey.

And if you think Lego in Malaysia's Legoland might be cheaper, you'll be disappointed. Not at all. Still, we couldn't resist walking out empty handed, bought 2 little Lego sets for Js. 

Last to share is being rewarded with great food. For yummier feast, we drove out of the resort to settle our dinner on both days. We knew and had been well informed of the delicious and sumptuous seafood meals we can get in JB, (some say Batam) at a much discounted price from local. With my parents, it wasn't a tough decision to drive to Gelang Patah for cheap seafood feast, about a 10 minute drive from the resort. Remember to validate your parking coupon at the hotel's reception before driving out, else you'll need to pay for exiting.

 photo 9d9dfd3a-a821-4197-95ec-3971985dd709_zps7efb2033.jpg
We bought yummy Keropok!
 photo a257bee3-5c86-4dd3-b4e5-2274bcec84e5_zps722c7d24.jpg
All too yummy!

We had very tasty and worth the calories meals at: 
1. Tian Lai (天来) Seafood Garden
Address: 158 Jalan Leong Bee, Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru 

The crabs and promfet we had in Restoran Tian Lai were awesomely good too!

2. Restoran Star Chef  星名廚
Address: 51 Jalan Gelang Emas 1, Tama Gelang Emas, Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru
Both occasions, we managed to find good parking lots within our sight. Just be extra careful if you intend to drive out for meals. Keep the blings and fancies away. Stay safe.

Wow... glad to have finally stored in some beautiful memories. Thankful for great fun, great food and great company!

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