Thursday 11 December 2014

Hi 5 house hits concert - checked!

We had a rocking good time with the ever enthusiastic casts of hi 5! The hi-5 house hits tour to Singapore happened over the weekend, and it's sign of awesomeness when the tunes are still running in our head. 1,2,3,4, hi 5!

 photo 2c167710-890b-4428-bfaa-467a9abbebcd_zpsb3f7d094.jpg
Waiting excitedly

Js had a wonderful time singing and dancing to the songs. The concert was brought through with lots of lighting, dancing, familiar songs, bubbles and big balloons for audience to interact. It was as usual presented in a very lively manner with colourful stage props. Somewhat like the episodes we see on TV, but with intensive dancing and singing because it's like a concert.
It was also where they introduced their new cast, Tanika. While casts come and go, my personal favourite is still Stevie. Loyalty attracts! Chats and JupJup's (the puppets) appearances were short and few, which I thought they could loiter longer on stage as Js love them quite abit. I guess we do need more singing and dancing after all. 

Did you know Chats is voiced by their cast, Mary and Jup jup is voiced by Ainsley? I just found out.
 photo f08307aa-f1af-4a06-9ee9-0a27c647f743_zps4ccdcec1.jpg
That's chats!

So yeap, Js had a lovely time with the casts. I do know a few of their hits, but Js were much better than me. They taught, introduced and brought me through the songs instead. We take turns to lead and teach after all.

 photo f7542fa6-7646-447a-a021-9d999bacb404_zps86f59ecf.jpg

 photo 316ee531-08a0-4801-b5b9-9e7554c0573a_zpsaf8112f4.jpg
And he screamed along

While they enjoyed their time, I enjoyed my time watching them sing and action to the songs. We had a rolling good time of music fun!

Only thing was, the venue Star theatre didn't seem like an ideal place for kids' shows. View from the stall seats was highly obstructed because of the height of the chairs. The chairs were taller than most toddlers when seated or standing on the floor.

Booster seats didn't elevate to a good height for toddlers and they were snapped up fast. I sighted many little kids playing to be giraffes, with some standing on their seats or taking seat on the arms of their chair.

Other than that, it really is an awesome place to host events, with the outside and inside looking really impressive.

I really love the easy-going nature of Js, the mindless and easily satisfied attitudes whom despite of imperfect views would tell me at the end of the show, that they enjoyed it very much! We hope to catch you live again next year, Hi 5!

Shared previously about the group here too.

Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the Hi-5 house hits. No monetary compensation was given. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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