Friday 12 December 2014

Meet the Chuggers!

We had a rail-ly good time with the Chuggington team at City Square Mall last Sunday. Where we met the chuggers, Wilson (Red train), Koko (Green train) and Brewster (Blue train). They are Jare's favourite and yes, he spends a little portion of his time on the Chuggington cartoon. Which also explained the bugging buzz in my ears throughout the whole of last week about wanting to meet them. We finally did!

Stage hosts, Lorie and Morgan brought the kids through a series of sing and dance along to the familiar hits like "Ready to roll" and "We're the Chuggeneers". All the kids were geared up to chug along. Super lively.

 photo e441108a-5e2f-4740-adac-f6cb7070dd86_zps8172ced3.jpg
Chuggington town
 photo e2b2e261-de76-4ee6-8d59-f0780f0d2a78_zps1bf1f436.jpg
Meet and greet

The performance was staged much similar to the TV series where they shared about the values of teamwork, responsibility, environment and sustainability.

Js enjoyed the session very much! 

Hint: This is where you should sit for a touch of snow during the show.

 photo 8808d555-5655-4103-b286-06d000781359_zps1bd60b03.jpg
Snow party!

 photo 2f32b321-a3f2-45ec-ba40-79965bc41c16_zpsa82151bc.jpg
Stage timings

To redeem a meet and greet photo opportunity, simply spend $50 in the mall. Maximum of 3 same-day combined receipts from any store except pushcarts and non-tenant atrium events. Redemption at L2, customer service counter on a first come first serve basis. 50 passes will be given out 1 hour prior each show.

After or before the show. Do also check out the other happenings at City Square Mall, especially its park. We were specially captivated by the lightnings and decorations when we drove past it that night. Glad we had time to stroll its park after meeting the chuggers.

 photo 0088264a-b635-46e2-a701-d0d3955abf09_zps0d7acad4.jpg
Lovely lighted train

 photo afb1eaf9-bceb-4a2f-98e5-bfeffb43d83e_zps0ecd4522.jpg
Cute bears!

 photo 13f6f7e1-588c-4d45-a978-dca656aa801e_zps6c1d88da.jpg
Lighted chugger, Wilson

An evening stroll at the Chugg-ful of fun park makes it really beautiful to view and soak in the festive spirit. The colourful lightings stand out! Remember to bring your camera. We forgot ours, and had to work with our mobiles.

Chugg-ful of fun at the park
Date: 14 Nov to 28 Dec
Venue: City green park

Locate these exciting activities within the park:
Kiddy carnival rides
Weekdays: 6pm to 10pm
Weekends: 12pm to 10pm
Have a go on the carnival rides like carousel, heli jet, and chair swing. Each ride at $4 per child. There were also game stalls for play at a cost.

Christmas light show and snow playtime
Daily: 8pm and 9pm
A myriad of colours and dancing lights fill the air with snow!

 photo 11e897e9-0410-429b-847f-3839ef3564e2_zps3ebac333.jpg
And it snowed!

Count the bells contest
Stand your chance to win $100 worth of City Square Mall vouchers. Spot the Christmas tree and guess the number of bells used to dress it up. 

Ride the choo-choo city express
Daily: 12pm to 10pm
Ride the train around the park at City square mall. Price at $6 per child.

 photo 715a5fed-b6ba-4f06-9567-28ca0acd8bee_zps12f1c3e6.jpg
Choo-choo city express

 photo f44554e8-3b40-4487-9581-549e8ddee7e3_zps035dc2b0.jpg
Hopped on for some fun too! Thanks SPRG!

Looking really magical eh? It's definitely a lovely place to visit this coming weekend with our little ones! Have fun!

Here are other performances for look out within the mall too:
Christmas handbells performance by Ministry of Bellz
Date: 6 to 21 Dec
Time: Every Sat and Sun, 5:30pm to 6pm
Venue: L1 Atrium
Catch a live musical handbells performance as they ring in the spirit of Christmas, with your favourite Christmas tunes.

Christmas caroling by St Bernadette choir
Date: 20 and 21 Dec
Time: 3pm to 3:45pm
Venue: L1 Atrium
Let them delight you with the classic Christmas songs that are bound to warm your heart.

Check in here for other promotions and events: City Square Mall

Disclaimer: We were given a meet and greet opportunity, and ride on the choo-choo city express for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are solely our own. 

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